Relax Facial        45 mins  290,000 VND
Back – Neck – Shoulder Massage           30 mins  
With Aroma oil     200,000 VND   
With medical wine             250,000 VND
Head – Neck – Shoulder Massage        30 mins
No oil   150,000 VND  
With Bathoil CN serum  (*) 330,000 VND
Quick Foot Massage                       35 mins    
With Aroma oil    170,000 VND   
With medical wine           200,000 VND
With Bathoil CN serum  (*)        320,000 VND

(*) SPECIAL: Bathoil CN serum immediately relieves painful skin, relaxes the superficial nervous system and produces a feeling of total well-being, leaves the skin soft and comfortable

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