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Swedish massage is a well-known Western therapy and has now become a popular rehab heath service and it has been familiar in some Asian countries, including Vietnam. With this massage technique, after only 60 minutes of gentle massage, we will feel the body relaxed and extremely comfortable.

It is often referred to as massage therapies such as hot stone massage, aromatherapy or Japanese massage, but few people mention swedish massage. However, if you are a frequent visitor to the Spa for body care, this Nordic therapy is no stranger to you.

The origins of Swedish massage therapy.

Swedish massage was initiated by Swedish physicist Henri Peter Ling, based on the principles of anatomy and physiology. It is a combination of massage movements and gentle pressure on the muscles of the body, combining natural oils or hot stones to relieve muscle tension, pain, and circulate blood cycle.

In particular, Swedish massage therapy also stimulates collagen regeneration to help skin radiant fresh. Therefore, this method is popular with many customers, especially women.

During a 60-minute session, the spa technician will perform warm-up massages, then slow down the muscles to relieve tension and treat the muscle strain effectively. Applying Swedish massage techniques will bring us a deep relaxation and an abundant living energy.

Swedish massage.

Like massage systems of Asian origin, Swedish massage also follows a strict and rigorous course of treatment as follows:

Step 1: Warm up the body before performing the massage to help promote blood circulation and relax the body.

Step 2: Massage all areas of the body from the shoulders, neck, nape, back combined with hot stone therapy to bring relief, relieve tension and pain clearly.

Step 3: Massage the hind legs and soles of the feet, supporting blood circulation.

Step 4: Use your hands and fingers to move from the soles of your feet to the thighs of your forelegs to help strengthen the calf.

Step 5: Gently massage the arms to relieve aches and pains.

Step 6: Massage the head area to create a sense of relaxation for the central nervous system, preventing signs of stress and psychological balance.

With a light and deep space, modern aesthetic equipment, and a team of professional technicians, V Spa brings relaxation to all customers after stressful work hours. Coming here, and enjoy Swedish massage therapy. We will consult therapies which appropriate to your health as well as your need to rest and relax. Please contact us for more thoughtful advice!

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