Saigon, the pearl of the Fareast, has maintained beauty with the harmonious combination of the classical and modern characteristics despite all ups and down during after 300 years since its foundation. Beside beauty, Saigon is also attractive to visitors for its dynamism and people’s hospitality and sincerity.

Once in Saigon, you might feel being amidst the pure culture of Vietnam through architectural projects of different periods of time. You visit to Saigon would be fun and relaxing if you could have chance to enjoy our services and to be taken care of by V Spa which is right in the heart of Saigon.

It is very convenient for you to visit V Spa where you might feel relaxed at the first sight of your grand but poetic space which is full of tropical plants, flowers, the mixture classical and modern architecture. All these are attributed to the charming of the Vietnamese culture. The beautiful melodies and mild fragrance of the various kinds of therapeutic herbs certainly hold you back.

V Spa afters a full range of health and beauty services such as Facial Treatments, body massage, foot massage, especially Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage with high standards of a luxury spa. We warmly welcome you to visit and experience the pinnacle of our excellent beauty treatments.