aroma massage

Aroma Massage is a perfect combination of massage techniques with essential oils to create relaxation therapy and effective recovery. Immerse yourself in the natural space filled with floral blossoms that will help us find balance in emotion and spirit.

The word massage has become so familiar to most people around the world with great relaxing effect. Especially, when the smooth massage movements combined with grass flower essential oils will create a miraculous healing solution called Aromatherapy or Aroma Massage.

What is aroma massage therapy ?

If you are a member of Spa, you have heard a lot of Aroma massage therapies, but have you ever wondered where the name aroma massage is and what are the real benefits of this method?

Aroma Massage is a way to apply natural essential oils diluted directly on the skin, then through gentle massage movements, the aroma will penetrate deep into the spirit of refreshing, muscular comfort and full body. energy. The more special thing is when the oil diffuses in the space massage room has the effect of stabilizing the rhythm, control heart rate and reduce stress effectively.

During Aroma Massage, we are blended into the space of nature with a fragrance of flowers and plants. This tranquility and freshness will help each other’s soul get away from the sorrows or worries of daily life, worry, and anxiety.

Using essential oils to massage the beauty, relaxation and healing effects so effective reasons why more and more appear Salon or beauty spa using Aromatherapy method or Aroma Massage. Come to V Spa – Massage Therapy with essential oils to find the feeling of love life with the fragrance that you love offline!

Essential oil used in Aroma Massage.

Each natural oil has a different therapeutic effect, so before entering the Aroma Massage process, choose your own fragrance according to the suggestions below:

Lemon or grapefruit essential oils.

This is an essential oil that many customers love because it can help us to clear up our minds, clear our minds and reduce anxiety, and bring better sleep.

Lavender essential oil or jasmine, chrysanthemum, rose.

 Massage with these oils will help relax the body massage and mind and reduce the symptoms of depression. Especially the women who pray, use lavender or jasmine oil, chrysanthemum, roses for soothing massage can relieve the abdominal pain uncomfortably quickly.


Mint is known for the treatment of nasal congestion. Not only that, a few drops of menthol, diluted with almond oil, and then applied to the temple will help us reduce a headache, neck fatigue clearly.

There are plenty of natural spices for you to enjoy, such as ginger oil, sesame oil, rosemary oil or tea tree oil … Take the time to visit the world of flowers and flowers of V Spa to discover each type. Essential Oil in Aroma Massage Professional and professional massage!

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