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Exfoliating cleanses the surface of the skin while stimulating circulation of blood in the body to help us have a bright and healthy skin. But if you do not know how to exfoliate the entire body to suit each type of skin, it can sometimes cause adverse reactions to the skin.

Most girlfriends and sisters are doing screaming recipes online sharing or spreading each other. This invisible joint can cause skin damage by the way of exfoliating which you use does not match your skin turgor. That is why V Spa Skin Care Specialist – Top Body and beauty spa in exfoliating the entire body in Ho Chi Minh City, will provide us with important knowledge related to safe and effective exfoliating treatments, please refer to it!

The essence of body scrubs.

It can be said that exfoliation is a crucial “link” in every skin care procedure, whether facial or body skin. And body scrub are divided into two basic methods as follows:

Mechanical exfoliating.

This method uses small grains or flours such as cereals, green tea, coffee beans, granular salt, … to create friction on the skin, helping to remove all excess layers of dead skin. Mechanical exfoliation is simple, easy to make and cost is usually cheap, so this is a great way to use a lot of options.

Chemical exfoliating.

Chemically-engineered exfoliants use chemical active ingredients as an adhesive that attaches skin cells to the surface of the skin to easily remove dead skin layers on the skin surface. This method is more effective than mechanical exfoliating, but due to the high cost, the number of customers choosing is limited.

However, no matter which method of exfoliating is applied, it is just a matter of choosing the right one for your treadmill. So what is the best body spa scrub formula for us? Please follow up soon!

Body scrubs are suitable for each skin type.

Not only exfoliating but when using any kind of cosmetics, we need to pay attention to choose the product or method suitable to optimize the beauty effect. What is your skin type? V Spa will help you find the best body scrub for each skin type!

Oily skin, less acne and less sensitive.

With this type of skin, you can comfortably use both mechanical and chemical exfoliating. Just note: If the mechanical method is applied regularly twice a week if the chemical method is maintained, 3 times a week.

Oily skin, many acne and less sensitive.

Oily skin, acne, and less sensitive skin can also be exfoliated with both chemical and mechanical means. However, this skin tends to be both sensitive and acne-prone. When exfoliating, you need to rub gently to avoid causing strong exertion on the skin and use mild, mild compounds. Contains a lot of bleach. If your skin is not too thin, it can be purged 2 times a week, if the skin is too thin, only remove 10 times a day!

Normal skin and signs of aging.

Skin is often and signs of aging, we should only exfoliate by chemical methods with mild ingredients to avoid skin irritation.

Dry and sensitive skin.

We can still exfoliate with both chemical and mechanical formulations, but you should prioritize mechanical methods as this is the best way to exfoliate dry and sensitive skin. In order to achieve the highest level of safety and effectiveness for this type of skin, you have to exfoliate once a week or 10 days.

Hopefully, the useful knowledge that the beauty therapist of V Spa shared in this article will help the girlfriends and sisters to choose the appropriate body scrubs, to own. The skin is fresh and full of vitality. If you have any questions related to skin care, please contact V Spa – Our staff will be dedicated and completely free of charge.

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