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Body therapy helps effectively treat musculoskeletal or joint disorders and emotional and psychological disorders. Therefore, more and more people looking to Spas which have massage therapy to reduce stress, fatigue caused by life pressure.

You may not realize that your body’s therapeutic, physiological, and invigorating muscles increase blood circulation and remove negative mental states quickly. The knowledge that massage therapist shared below will give you a holistic and in-depth look at this method of health care.

Why should regular body therapy be performed ?

The feeling of complete relaxation and comfort is the immediate benefit that everyone can feel after using massage therapy and body therapy. It is the result of massages and acupressure work designed to release endorphins – a type of secretion from the brain that causes fatigue and stress to bring us plenty of life.

Body treatments can relieve the symptoms of illness by relieving the tightening of muscles, stimulating blood circulation to muscle tissues, removing toxins, bringing balance to Nervous system and brain. Thanks to this wonderful effect, massage therapies have been applied successfully in the treatment of some negative mental states such as anxiety syndrome, headache, hypertension, insomnia, Back pain, bone pain, …

The benefits than expected are the reasons why we should perform regular body therapy to improve our health and improve our mental well-being. Go to professional Spa Centers such as V Spa – each person will be consulted by therapists for appropriate massage therapies so that the shortest amount of time can help you to recover both physically and mentally.

Outstanding body treatments.

When you come to Spas to massage and use body therapy, you will be consulted specifically and clearly by the therapist or technician who will treat the treatment appropriately with your body condition. And nowadays, the most commonly used mental health and wellness treatments are:

Hot stone massage therapy.

By using hot stone directly on the body, caused by the ultra-small vibration due to the temperature difference combined with the technique of pressure relief to help stimulate the flow of energy in the body. Therefore, when doing hot stone massage therapy, you will feel extremely relaxed, reduce fatigue and tighten muscle stiffness. In particular, the body after this process as a new source of energy to help us add excitement and optimism to live.

Massage therapeutic meditation.

The main purpose of the meditation technique is the circulation of blood and the balance of the yin and yang, which helps to improve health as well as prevent the disease of the body. To be able to do this therapy, you must be experienced technicians and knowledgeable about the new mind map that can identify which of your five organs are having problems.

Located in the few Spa in Ho Chi Minh City with well-trained tea, V Spa is confident to provide you with quality healthcare and beauty care services. Come to us to find the potential source of fresh air inside the body!


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