Massage With Fresh Ginger Extract – Keep Youthful

The essential oil in ginger is effective in healing and relaxing the body. Especially, massage with fresh ginger extract will help you to prolong your youth with smooth, bright skin in spite of time.

Many scientific studies have shown that the spicy nature of fresh ginger has a better antioxidant capacity than the drug. So, using products or massaging with fresh ginger extract will help us effectively prevent the aging process, prolong the lifespan and preserve our beauty in years.

Use of fresh ginger essence.

Ginger contains 200 minerals such as K, Ca, P, Fe, Mg, Mn, Zn, Co, Ge, Se, … and B, C and E vitamins. Taste, support the digestive system, cure colds, nausea, cough, … The following content immediately follows you will surely be surprised about the use of fresh ginger essence for the health of life human:

Prevent cardiovascular problems.

Ginger is capable of lowering cholesterol levels and preventing blood clots, helping to prevent the risk of blood vessel blockages and prevent heart attacks.

Support for the treatment of arthritis.

Oriental Medicine has documented that some of the chemical elements in ginger can inhibit the production of prostaglandin – an inflammatory substance that helps treat arthritis, osteoarthritis and other muscular disorders. You only need to drink ginger tea or soak your hands, feet in diluted ginger water each night will support the successful treatment of common arthritis.

Reduce a headache and muscle aches.

Zingiber is found in ginger as a natural pain reliever, capable of cutting headaches, muscle aches, rheumatism, …. fast. If you have frequent headaches, neck or shoulder strain, massage with fresh ginger extract will have immediate effects.

Cancer prevention.

Some clinical trials have shown that ginger extract inhibits the growth of cancer cells without affecting healthy cells around them. So, let’s actively use products containing ginger essence to fight cancer of evil!

Secret massage tips with fresh ginger extract.

Using natural essential oils helps to maximize the effectiveness of massage therapies for health and beauty spa treatments. For fresh ginger, you can apply the simple massage that V Spa experts guide below:

Use ginger oil or freshly sliced fresh ginger all over the body, then use gentle hand massage to nourish the ginger from deep penetrating deep into each skin to provide a pleasant feeling and dissipate the pain of muscle aches. Clearly. Not only that, massage with fresh ginger extract also exfoliates dead skin, making our skin bright and soft than some regular cosmetics.

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Massage method with fresh ginger extract, hot stone massage or Japanese massage, Royal Thai massage, … are popular customers at V Spa. Let our skilled technicians take care of your skin and heal you after a day of hard work!

swedish massage 2

60 minutes full body relaxation with Swedish massage

Swedish massage is a well-known Western therapy and has now become a popular rehab heath service and it has been familiar in some Asian countries, including Vietnam. With this massage technique, after only 60 minutes of gentle massage, we will feel the body relaxed and extremely comfortable.

It is often referred to as massage therapies such as hot stone massage, aromatherapy or Japanese massage, but few people mention swedish massage. However, if you are a frequent visitor to the Spa for body care, this Nordic therapy is no stranger to you.

The origins of Swedish massage therapy.

Swedish massage was initiated by Swedish physicist Henri Peter Ling, based on the principles of anatomy and physiology. It is a combination of massage movements and gentle pressure on the muscles of the body, combining natural oils or hot stones to relieve muscle tension, pain, and circulate blood cycle.

In particular, Swedish massage therapy also stimulates collagen regeneration to help skin radiant fresh. Therefore, this method is popular with many customers, especially women.

During a 60-minute session, the spa technician will perform warm-up massages, then slow down the muscles to relieve tension and treat the muscle strain effectively. Applying Swedish massage techniques will bring us a deep relaxation and an abundant living energy.

Swedish massage.

Like massage systems of Asian origin, Swedish massage also follows a strict and rigorous course of treatment as follows:

Step 1: Warm up the body before performing the massage to help promote blood circulation and relax the body.

Step 2: Massage all areas of the body from the shoulders, neck, nape, back combined with hot stone therapy to bring relief, relieve tension and pain clearly.

Step 3: Massage the hind legs and soles of the feet, supporting blood circulation.

Step 4: Use your hands and fingers to move from the soles of your feet to the thighs of your forelegs to help strengthen the calf.

Step 5: Gently massage the arms to relieve aches and pains.

Step 6: Massage the head area to create a sense of relaxation for the central nervous system, preventing signs of stress and psychological balance.

With a light and deep space, modern aesthetic equipment, and a team of professional technicians, V Spa brings relaxation to all customers after stressful work hours. Coming here, and enjoy Swedish massage therapy. We will consult therapies which appropriate to your health as well as your need to rest and relax. Please contact us for more thoughtful advice!

body theraphy 1

Body Therapy – Things You Didn’t Know!

Body therapy helps effectively treat musculoskeletal or joint disorders and emotional and psychological disorders. Therefore, more and more people looking to Spas which have massage therapy to reduce stress, fatigue caused by life pressure.

You may not realize that your body’s therapeutic, physiological, and invigorating muscles increase blood circulation and remove negative mental states quickly. The knowledge that massage therapist shared below will give you a holistic and in-depth look at this method of health care.

Why should regular body therapy be performed ?

The feeling of complete relaxation and comfort is the immediate benefit that everyone can feel after using massage therapy and body therapy. It is the result of massages and acupressure work designed to release endorphins – a type of secretion from the brain that causes fatigue and stress to bring us plenty of life.

Body treatments can relieve the symptoms of illness by relieving the tightening of muscles, stimulating blood circulation to muscle tissues, removing toxins, bringing balance to Nervous system and brain. Thanks to this wonderful effect, massage therapies have been applied successfully in the treatment of some negative mental states such as anxiety syndrome, headache, hypertension, insomnia, Back pain, bone pain, …

The benefits than expected are the reasons why we should perform regular body therapy to improve our health and improve our mental well-being. Go to professional Spa Centers such as V Spa – each person will be consulted by therapists for appropriate massage therapies so that the shortest amount of time can help you to recover both physically and mentally.

Outstanding body treatments.

When you come to Spas to massage and use body therapy, you will be consulted specifically and clearly by the therapist or technician who will treat the treatment appropriately with your body condition. And nowadays, the most commonly used mental health and wellness treatments are:

Hot stone massage therapy.

By using hot stone directly on the body, caused by the ultra-small vibration due to the temperature difference combined with the technique of pressure relief to help stimulate the flow of energy in the body. Therefore, when doing hot stone massage therapy, you will feel extremely relaxed, reduce fatigue and tighten muscle stiffness. In particular, the body after this process as a new source of energy to help us add excitement and optimism to live.

Massage therapeutic meditation.

The main purpose of the meditation technique is the circulation of blood and the balance of the yin and yang, which helps to improve health as well as prevent the disease of the body. To be able to do this therapy, you must be experienced technicians and knowledgeable about the new mind map that can identify which of your five organs are having problems.

Located in the few Spa in Ho Chi Minh City with well-trained tea, V Spa is confident to provide you with quality healthcare and beauty care services. Come to us to find the potential source of fresh air inside the body!


royal thai massage-1

Royal Thai Massage – A combination of acupressure and yoga

Royal Thai massage is a harmonious combination of classic acupressure and modern yoga therapies to help people relax and relieve tension after hours of tired work. This method also supports the treatment of many diseases such as a headache, back pain, sciatica, effective shoulder pain.

Royal Thai massage is the specialty of the Golden Pagoda country which is popular among international travelers and now, this massage method has also appeared at some famous spa centers in Vietnam to bring the enjoyment, cheery for customers.

What is Royal Thai massage?

Many documented that royal thai massage was founded by a North Indian physician by the rhythmic coordination between yoga movements and traditional Chinese acupressure techniques that treat muscles can be extremely effective. To perform Royal Thai massage, the technician uses the arms and legs mainly to create gravity on the body, which helps to stretch, stretch and open the joints that are hardened in the knees, ankles, wrists, hip, neck, …

The effect of Royal Thai massage method

Thanks to the simultaneous impact on the main points and joints on the body, Royal Thai massage has the following remarkable therapeutic effects:

Helps your body massage stay healthy

Royal Thai massage is an effective treatment based on the mechanism of action on the energy circuits throughout the body, helping us to feel the whole body relaxed and healthy.

Reduce stress and relax a spirit

Not only focus on the joints, Royal Thai massage also focuses on the impact of body acupuncture points through pressing, pressing, stretching, folding, … support blood circulation and circulation of lymph help relax a spirit.

Effective prevention of disease.

Royal Thai massage will help us remove the risk of blockage in the meridians and promote the circulation of the acupuncture points, prevent disease as well as increase the resistance of the body effectively.

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The Standard of Royal Thai massage procedures.

As with all other health care methods, in order to maximize the effect of Royal Thai massage therapies, we need to follow the following procedure:

Step 1: Open the whole body.

With her skill and experience, the massage therapist will open the points on the client’s body, in order to effectively train toxins.

Step 2: Take Royal Thai massage

Firstly, massage therapists will press on soft tissues to improve energy circulation and relax muscle contractions. After that, they will grasp and pull the body in the relevant organs to achieve the best therapeutic effect.

Step 3: Close the whole body.

At the end of Royal Thai massage, the specialist will play the entire body. At this point, customers will feel completely relaxed mind, healthy body and full of energy.

Royal Thai massage has many different packages suitable for each person’s health so all of us can choose this therapy to take care of our health. Take time to go professional and prestige spas and have Royal Thai massage for taking care your health every day!

shiatsu-massage -3

Shiatsu massage – Raise the source of energy in Japanese way

Shiatsu is the essence of ancient Japanese acupuncture and Western massage techniques that help to balance the body and mind of the people. This approach aims to treat the entire body instead of a specific disease or location, so Shiatsu massage is called a comprehensive healing solution.

Since ancient times, when the body aches due to weather or labor, humans often put their hands on their shoulders, back, or temples to massage as a natural reflex that helps relieve pain, stiffness Muscle on the body. And from that initial value, we are now aware of the shiatsu massage – the acupuncture therapy of the people of the sunrise.

Origin of Shiatsu massage therapy.

Japan is the cradle of many therapeutic acupressure schools called Anma. And the commonality of these schools is that they are based on the techniques and principles of Chinese traditional medicine.

Tokujiro Namikoshi, the master of the core area of Japan, studied and combined these methods with the Western medical knowledge to create a unique Japanese therapy set. A name is Shiatsu. By using the hands, palm, and thumb to perform rubbing, massage and acupressure movements, Shiatsu massage can treat many diseases and help the body to relax. Whole.

The miraculous healing effect of the Shiatsu massage method.

Through the force of the thumb and palms to stimulate acupuncture points, Shiatsu technique helps to circulate blood, stimulate metabolism, and revitalize the body’s internal energy. This method is especially suitable for office workers who are at high risk for diseases such as muscle aches, joint deformities, and spinal spines.

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Shiatsu massage helps improve blood circulation in the capillaries under the skin and soft tissues, helping to prevent signs of premature aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. In particular, Shiatsu massage can reduce a migraine and asthenia due to its ability to regulate blood flow in the body.

Shiatsu therapy stimulates the digestive system to function better, enhances nutrient uptake and eliminates waste. As a result, the health, as well as metabolism of the body, is guaranteed to be stable.

Are you suffering from shoulder pain, back pain or numbness due to working at high frequency and lack of exercise? Come to Spa Center by Shiatsu massage method to keep your body feeling refreshed and refreshed by the pressure of life.


Liberate your body with Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is not just a relaxing therapy but is also known as a really effective cure. When you feel tired, the muscles become tight, hot stone massage will help release the whole body to bring the state of mental health and abundant health.

One can not forget the name “hot stone massage” – the secret of natural healing that works to reduce muscle pain and mental tension. glasses.

Mechanism of hot stone massage.

The stones used in hot stone massage therapy are taken from river or basalt stones, because these rocks have the very smooth stone surface, while the treatment will not hurt the skin and are easy to spread. Heat on the body. Furthermore, the basalt has a high iron content, so it can retain heat for a long time during the massage without replacing it many times.

Before entering the course, the technician will heat the stone with the disinfectant to clean each stone, avoiding the risk of allergy or dermatitis to the customer. These stones, when reaching the required temperature, are placed on the back, palm, or toe.

To increase the therapeutic and relaxing effect, Spa technicians often combine with professional massage movements. Only after a short period of time will you feel your body as lightweight as the burden on the limbs and body.

The wonderful healing effect of hot stone massage.

Natural warmth along with the massage tips have deeply impacted deep inside the body, release each bundle of muscle tension, help us get a better body. At the same time, the heat of the stone also causes the blood vessels to expand, helping to circulate blood circulation better. As a result, the muscles are provided with enough oxygen, which reduces the pain in the shoulder, back, thighs, and limbs.

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Hot stone massage not only improves the health but also has the effect of mental restoration, elimination of stress and negative psychological status, contributing to the treatment of dysfunction and depression is very effective. After experiencing hot stone massage therapy, we will regain the serenity of the mind and the energy of living in the body.

Although hot stone massage offers us many valuable benefits, some special cases such as pregnant women, people with heart disease … if you want to apply this service need weight Carefully reminded. Therefore, when there is a need for hot stone massage, you should directly to the Spa to be a therapist counseling is appropriate and safe!

aroma massage

Aroma massage – Immerse yourself in the aroma of natural essential oils

Aroma Massage is a perfect combination of massage techniques with essential oils to create relaxation therapy and effective recovery. Immerse yourself in the natural space filled with floral blossoms that will help us find balance in emotion and spirit.

The word massage has become so familiar to most people around the world with great relaxing effect. Especially, when the smooth massage movements combined with grass flower essential oils will create a miraculous healing solution called Aromatherapy or Aroma Massage.

What is aroma massage therapy ?

If you are a member of Spa, you have heard a lot of Aroma massage therapies, but have you ever wondered where the name aroma massage is and what are the real benefits of this method?

Aroma Massage is a way to apply natural essential oils diluted directly on the skin, then through gentle massage movements, the aroma will penetrate deep into the spirit of refreshing, muscular comfort and full body. energy. The more special thing is when the oil diffuses in the space massage room has the effect of stabilizing the rhythm, control heart rate and reduce stress effectively.

During Aroma Massage, we are blended into the space of nature with a fragrance of flowers and plants. This tranquility and freshness will help each other’s soul get away from the sorrows or worries of daily life, worry, and anxiety.

Using essential oils to massage the beauty, relaxation and healing effects so effective reasons why more and more appear Salon or beauty spa using Aromatherapy method or Aroma Massage. Come to V Spa – Massage Therapy with essential oils to find the feeling of love life with the fragrance that you love offline!

Essential oil used in Aroma Massage.

Each natural oil has a different therapeutic effect, so before entering the Aroma Massage process, choose your own fragrance according to the suggestions below:

Lemon or grapefruit essential oils.

This is an essential oil that many customers love because it can help us to clear up our minds, clear our minds and reduce anxiety, and bring better sleep.

Lavender essential oil or jasmine, chrysanthemum, rose.

 Massage with these oils will help relax the body massage and mind and reduce the symptoms of depression. Especially the women who pray, use lavender or jasmine oil, chrysanthemum, roses for soothing massage can relieve the abdominal pain uncomfortably quickly.


Mint is known for the treatment of nasal congestion. Not only that, a few drops of menthol, diluted with almond oil, and then applied to the temple will help us reduce a headache, neck fatigue clearly.

There are plenty of natural spices for you to enjoy, such as ginger oil, sesame oil, rosemary oil or tea tree oil … Take the time to visit the world of flowers and flowers of V Spa to discover each type. Essential Oil in Aroma Massage Professional and professional massage!


Do You Think You Have Exfoliated the Body Properly?

Do the skin of your abdomen, legs, or back and dark skin make you feel insecure? Throw away your worry and light your skin from the inside out, from top to bottom with this amazing body scrub secret!

Which of us wants to own a bright and vibrant skin at all angles? So today, do not just focus on the beauty of the face, you should spend time caring for the skin by using the best and safest scrubs we introduce below.

The best body scrubs.

Smooth skin helps our bodies become more attractive and much younger. If you do not have time to go to a spa to scrub whole body, you can apply the very simple home remedies procedure that V Spa shares to quickly obtain flawless, white skin.

Step one: Wash your whole body from the soles of your feet. If your feet are rugged or have many spots, you can soak them in warm water with fresh milk before bathing for 30 minutes.

Step two: You only need to put a small amount of exfoliating cream on a piece of loofah or cotton bath and rub lightly along the body. After that, massage smoothly in circular motions to deep penetrating deeply into each skin cell deep inside, removing dead skin cells sticking to the skin, especially areas such as elbows and knees…

Step Three: After cleansing, the layers of horn and rough skin, take a shower with warm bath and shower gel. Finally, use a soft cotton towel to dry your entire body and use a moisturizer to help prevent dryness.

Just spend 30 minutes exfoliating body with the simple and easy process as you can touch the skin smooth and full of vitality!

Notice when exfoliating body.

In order to achieve the best exfoliating effect, in addition to following the process outlined above, you should note the following:

– When exfoliating the skin absolutely do not exfoliate the skin around the eyes because this is thin skin so it is very vulnerable.

– Limit the brush too strong, you should only gently massage in a circle or spiral.

– Do not use body lotion for facial skin and vice versa because the two skin areas are completely different.

– After skin exfoliation, you should avoid the sun for 2-3 days, because the skin is still thin and sensitive if the sun will cause the skin to catch the sun faster.

The most important thing that V Spa would like to emphasize is that: Before choosing body scrubs method, you should visit a beauty spa care professional to conduct a skin examination and determine the appropriate exfoliating cream.

Body scrubs help us to prevent signs of aging to keep our skin radiant. So, please arrange your time, directly go to V Spa – our beauty specialist will advise you of a safe and effective skin care program for a long time!


Reveal Rough Skin with a Natural Body Mask

You are worried because of the skin on a body degradation, but busy work that makes you not have time to Spa to care for the skin? Stop worrying because there are two types of natural body mask to help rough skin be into smooth skin that we introduce to you soon.

If at this time, you cannot afford to go to the professional Spa to take care of your skin, take a little preparation time and mask the body from the natural ingredients available in the simple formula that V Spa will share it! Although, the effect will not be as great as when it comes to the Beauty Center, but it will also help keep the skin fresh and smooth than that!

Body mask from strawberry, honey, and rice bran.

Strawberries and rice bran are two natural ingredients that are so familiar to most of our girls and sisters. Then add honey, fresh milk, and tangerine, how will we create a body mask?

Prepare materials

– 15 fresh strawberries

– 1 tangerine

– 100 ml of fresh milk

– 3 teaspoons of honey

– 1/2 cup rice bran

Doing steps.

Gradually remove the seeds out of the tangerine, leave the peel with strawberries in the blender. Then, put the rice bran, fresh milk, and honey in a large bowl, then pour the mixture of strawberry and tangerine clearly.

When you have prepared the mask mixture, let bathe in warm water, dry your body with a soft cotton towel, and start applying the mask. First, brush the mixture over the entire body, then relax for about 30 minutes to extract the essence from the mask into the skin cells.

Finally, you bathe or just wipe your body with warm water. Just apply a facial mask from strawberry, tangerine, honey, fresh milk and rice bran twice a week, the rough horn on the skin surface to be cleanly removed, Smooth clearly.

Body mask from tea.

We all know that green tea has the effect of proliferating collagen and preventing aging very effectively. Here, we will introduce some special body masks created by a variety of different tea, let’s explore together!

First mask.

You just mix about 6 teaspoons of tea tree oil, 2 teaspoons of glycerin and 2 teaspoons of tea and water, then gently rub your hands and feet about 2 times a week to help soften the skin.

Second mask.

Mix the juice of a tomato with 2 teaspoons of glycerin and a little salt. Then apply this mask to your hands and massage and keep within 15 minutes to clean your hands, will help soothe the sunburn caused by the sun.

Third mask.

If your skin is sunburned, you need to immediately grind a cucumber and squeeze the juice and add 1/2 teaspoon of glycerin tea and 1/2 teaspoon of rose water tea then stir it. Apply this mixture to the areas of sunburn on the body to avoid the damage caused by ultraviolet rays.

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Hopefully, some formulas mask body from the nature that V Spa shared will help you care and protect the skin from the adverse impact from the environment. Please follow our next articles to have more useful beauty knowledge!

body mask

What Do Experts Say About Masking the Body?

Do you know that the skin on the body should also be provided with frequent essential nutrients such as face and hair? That is the reason why beauty care experts recommend that we should cover the body mask to help the “skin” of the body bright ivory.

The body mask is gradually becoming a package of skin care and beauty spa services popular in the Spa as well as beauty salon. But what exactly is “masking the body”? What kind of body mask are there? Still, the concept is quite ambiguous for many customers.

What is a facial mask ?

Skin care specialists say that previously masking the body was intended only to lose weight by wrapping plastic or plastic wrap around the body to remove excess fat from the body. However, today, the body mask has been studied as a skin care intensive treatment from whitening to effective detoxification.

What are some of the today’s popular body masks ?

In most prestigious beauty centers today are applying three types of body masks: hydration, stimulation, and detoxification. The following V Spa’s skin therapists will analyze the mechanism and specific effects of each type of body mask, you guys watch to understand more about this method!

Body hydrating mask.

Hydrochloric treatment begins with a body scrub that removes dead skin cells, followed by a body lotion and body wrap in a warm towel. Maintain this status for an appropriate period of time so that the essence of the cream penetrates deeply into the interior.

After that, the customer will be removed the mask gently, dry clean and apply moisturizer. Applying this facial mask will help us to have fresh, vibrant skin, whether it be dry winter or hot summer.

Body stimulating mask.

By using marine salts such as algae or seaweed, stimulating body masks have the ability to promote circulation and increase metabolism, helping to reduce the apparent condition of the skin. When using this mask, customers will be algae or seaweed embryos all over the body, then wrapped with thin metal sheets or plastic.

At times, technicians at the beauty facility will wrap up an outer towel to increase circulation and help the skin absorb nutrients better. When mineral substances are absorbed into the skin, customers will remove the mask and bath with clean, then relax gently while Spa staff applies moisturizer.

Body detoxification mask.

The main purpose of detox masking is to promote circulation to remove all dirt and toxins in the body with mud, clay or herb coverings. Apply mask body detoxification quickly cleanse the body from the inside out, helping skin smooth and clean as well.

Using this mask, customers will be covered with a body of mud, clay or herbal wrap. When the surface is dried, customers will be bathed and soothing massage with moisturizer.

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It can be said, masking the body is a comprehensive restoration and skin care necessary for all of us. So, take the time to the prestigious Beauty Spa to be the consultant type of mask best suited to arouse vitality from deep within the skin of the body!