You dream about having a beautiful and strong foot? But running or workout, all of them doesn’t bring a result as you wish? So you should spend time in relaxing leg massage Steps as in a Spa below – you’ll not only have beautiful and strong legs but also sleep very well.

Foot massage is a therapy which decreases to strain and stiff, helping legs more gorgeous and resistant. If you haven’t arranged your time to go to the Professional Massage Centers, you can apply a foot massage in 6 effective steps at home from The experts of V Spa – The prestigious Spa at District  1 will share now.

Foot Massage in 6 Steps as in a Spa

Simple but effective is a therapy of foot massage including 6 steps, are composed of the qualified massage technicians of V Spa. These will make your legs and foot softly and comfortably.

Step 1

Put some essential oil on your hands and rub warm it up before massaging. This makes essential oil easy to endosmose your skin.

Step 2

The moves of foot massage begin from two soles. You use one hand to keep your heel of the foot and the rest hand keeps the head of toes and turn a foot in clockwise and rotate it. Using this move about 5 times will make joints and feet more relaxing, and decline insensible.

Step 3

You continue to use one hand to keep your feet. Next, let your thumb presses along your sole. Attention to press the end of a big toe. Repeating it many times will decrease your foot stress and pain.

Step 4

Massage your instep by using two thumbs press it so hard, turn around your ankle in clockwise and turn it back. After that, you stroke an enough force from the ankle to feet. This will help your foot comfortably and flexibly.

Step 5

Massage two sides of your thigh and shank. Unlike parts of the foot, these moves are to slide down with a sufficient force which makes your legs warmly to circulate your blood. Thanks to this, your legs are not only strong back but also are solidify and ruddy.

Step 6

This is the last leg massage move applied to your knee part. You use two thumbs press hard, turn around the knee in clockwise and turn it back. Repeating this move 5 times each leg will help your joints more flexibly and enduringly.

Do this leg massage in 6 simple steps with patience every night as V Spa just shared. You’ll not only have strong legs but also slender and charming. To get the best result, you should to go to V Spa and experience a massage therapy combined with wonderful point acupuncture with us!


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