Take Care Of Your Feet With Hot Stone

By 5000 years ago, Indian people discovered the wonderful energy hidden in inanimate stones that could awaken all senses in the human body, so today we are receiving the therapeutic of taking care foot with a hot stone to cherish each pink heel in each long way ahead.

The little feet every day to support our body stretching everywhere, regardless of whether it is raining or the sunshine, far or near distance, … how to avoid the pain when the feet, calves, and heels become scarred right? It is time to take care of your feet with a hot stone to get the tough and gentle steps whether on high heels or athletic shoes.

Foot treatment with standard hot stone at a Spa

The hot stone mechanism acts on the legs in the form of waves created by extremely small vibrations due to differences or temperature changes. The combination of hot stone energy with massage techniques will help promote energy in the body through gentle procedures as follows:

Step 1: Soak your feet with fresh ginger and salt water to rejuvenate skin cells, combat aging, increase elasticity, and even eliminate unpleasant odors due to frequent showing.

Step 2: Massage shoulders and arms to help circulate blood circulation, dispel the feeling of aches and pains bring comfort and ease to the whole body.

Step 3: Combination Massage Press the spots in the foot

Step 4: Squeeze the hot stones between the toes or put on the instep, to stimulate the nervous system to boost metabolism, help the muscles relax and overcome the effects of numbness.

The stones used in therapeutic massage therapies of different sizes will take on specific roles in transmitting and directing heat to certain areas of the body. So taking care of your feet with hot stones is not easy, but you have to rely on your body’s acupuncture schema as well as your knowledge of the new rocks to get the best results.

The effect of hot stone therapy massage method

The massage of hot stone therapy not only help to strengthen the legs but also bring a lot of benefits for our body:

– Enhances blood circulation and detoxifies the body

– Reduces fatigue stress for the muscular system and nerves,

– Support to cure a number of diseases such as spinal degeneration, neck pain, sciatica, headache, depression, …

– Wrinkle removal, fatty grease helps brighten skin and body fitter.

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It can be said, hot stone massage therapy is a powerful remedy to help restore energy, relieve fatigue and prolong life for each of us. Come to V Spa today, you will be taken care of your feet with hot stone by our professional technicians – you will feel the deep change in the soul along the footsteps as calm and light as clouds.


Guideline Massage Acupuncture Point Foot At Home

Oriental Medicine wrote: “When you press the acupuncture points in the foot will have the effect of preventing disease and prolonged youth. So, take the time to massage the acupuncture points of the feet according to the guidance of experts to increase the longevity!

Did you know, the left foot corresponds to the parts of the left hemisphere such as the left eye, left kidney, heart, spleen, … and the right foot to the corresponding parts of the right hemisphere such as right eye,… From the map showing this relationship, we can easily see that the health of the foot plays a very important role for the whole body. So, every day you should spend 30 minutes to perform the foot reflexology massage by technicians at V Spa Center to increase durability for your feet.

Guideline massage acupressure for feet.

The foot massage is designed simply to help all of us to take care of our feet at home with 3 specific steps as follows:

Foot massage therapy

To perform acupressure in the foot, you need to create a sitting posture, left leg shrinking, folding knees and feet to pressure on the chair. Next, use the palm of your right hand on the left foot, while your left hand rubs along the ankle about 30 times. Then, with the thumb and forefinger in both hands, squeeze the toes lightly for 5 minutes, then press up and pat your feet.

Massage for the feet should pay attention to important points such as acupuncture points between the ankle line, the acupuncture point between the toe and thumb and the acupuncture point between the pinkie pin and the pressure Arabia. Every day we should perform massage therapy twice and each time about 20 minutes combined walking will help the feet a lot more comfortable.

Foot massage therapy.

Posture when doing the massage, the pressure on the liver of the foot as you sit, the left leg placed on the right knee, the left hand holding the foot and the right arm close to the liver of the foot. At this time, massage your feet 20 times with strong force gradually and gradually to warm feet.

Next, use your thumb and forefinger to squeeze your toes lightly for about 5 minutes, then press your index finger gently into the grasp in the middle of the foot of the foot. Then, leave the tip of the thumb perpendicular to the lobe of the foot and descend in a clockwise direction. As such, we alternate acupuncture massage therapy on both soles of the feet to help strengthen the legs and circulate blood better.

Foot bath therapy.

Before proceeding massage acupressure foot, we should soak the water with leaves such as wormwood, leaf leaves, ginger leaves, bamboo leaves, incense leaves, salt boil. You should apply foot soak therapy every day for the treatment of arthritis, low numbness and cold feet are very effective.

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Detailed instructions, how to do simple, you can completely massage the acupuncture point of the feet at home to increase the strength and flexibility of the legs. If you can arrange the time, please go to V Spa to be the technician performed massage more acupuncture in a more effective way.


The miracle comes from the foot reflexology massage

Do you know that foot reflexology supports thousands of nerve endings and blood vessels smoothly? Thanks to this miracle have helped our musculoskeletal and joint system to be more resilient and healthier.

According to medical records, there are more than 7,000 nerves in each foot and blood vessels flow to every cell in the human body. Therefore, massage the acupuncture points for feet is a necessary solution to circulate blood circulation and strengthen the resistance, help us to prevent disease effectively.

The miracle comes from the foot reflexology massage.

Many customers come to Spas for massaging acupressure point is simply to find the feeling relaxed and pleasant, but almost do not know the great benefits that this method brings you. If you understand the effects of this therapy, think “you will want to massage your foot reflex every day”!

Disease prevention

These gentle massage exercises combine to relieve nervous depression, stimulate the endocrine system and lymphatic secretions. Endorphin compounds have an analgesic effect, boost the immune system and produce internal substances. Birth prevention against disease.

Improves skin and body.

Under the impact of massage power, the process of energy metabolism goes smoothly, limited accumulation of fat to help balance physique. Moreover, the foot reflexology also supports the circulation of blood circulation better, so the skin also becomes bright and rosy radiant.

Balance psychological state.

Lose life, make us angry, bored and extremely stressful. Foot reflexology massage helps each person relieve these negative emotions, regain the state of equilibrium quickly.

Increased flexibility for tendon, joint, and bone.

Reflexology Acupressure enhances nutrition, improves the ability to release sebum, making the tendon, joint and bone more flexible, much more flexible.

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What is the effect of acupressure massage is beyond your imagination? Therefore, each of us should love and pamper our legs more by doing regular acupressure massage for the feet.

We can do acupressure massage at home with simple movements. However, you should go to the Center of Spa and Professional using the massage acupuncture point foot massage to promote the effectiveness of this method!

Foot Massage in 6 Effective Steps as in a Spa

You dream about having a beautiful and strong foot? But running or workout, all of them doesn’t bring a result as you wish? So you should spend time in relaxing leg massage Steps as in a Spa below – you’ll not only have beautiful and strong legs but also sleep very well.

Foot massage is a therapy which decreases to strain and stiff, helping legs more gorgeous and resistant. If you haven’t arranged your time to go to the Professional Massage Centers, you can apply a foot massage in 6 effective steps at home from The experts of V Spa – The prestigious Spa at District  1 will share now.

Foot Massage in 6 Steps as in a Spa

Simple but effective is a therapy of foot massage including 6 steps, are composed of the qualified massage technicians of V Spa. These will make your legs and foot softly and comfortably.

Step 1

Put some essential oil on your hands and rub warm it up before massaging. This makes essential oil easy to endosmose your skin.

Step 2

The moves of foot massage begin from two soles. You use one hand to keep your heel of the foot and the rest hand keeps the head of toes and turn a foot in clockwise and rotate it. Using this move about 5 times will make joints and feet more relaxing, and decline insensible.

Step 3

You continue to use one hand to keep your feet. Next, let your thumb presses along your sole. Attention to press the end of a big toe. Repeating it many times will decrease your foot stress and pain.

Step 4

Massage your instep by using two thumbs press it so hard, turn around your ankle in clockwise and turn it back. After that, you stroke an enough force from the ankle to feet. This will help your foot comfortably and flexibly.

Step 5

Massage two sides of your thigh and shank. Unlike parts of the foot, these moves are to slide down with a sufficient force which makes your legs warmly to circulate your blood. Thanks to this, your legs are not only strong back but also are solidify and ruddy.

Step 6

This is the last leg massage move applied to your knee part. You use two thumbs press hard, turn around the knee in clockwise and turn it back. Repeating this move 5 times each leg will help your joints more flexibly and enduringly.

Do this leg massage in 6 simple steps with patience every night as V Spa just shared. You’ll not only have strong legs but also slender and charming. To get the best result, you should to go to V Spa and experience a massage therapy combined with wonderful point acupuncture with us!


foot massage

Recovery Your Energy by a Foot Massage Therapy

Your foot and feet play a role balancing your body weight and connect closely to other internal organs, so taking care your foot is very important. If you want your tired legs and feet turn into lightly as walking without weary you should choose the foot massage therapy. This is the best solution to release your whole body and recovery your power energy effectively.

Do you know that our foot where is the place of 7,000 nerves and many importantly dangerous spots? That’s the reason why the foot massage therapy was created to use in doing point acupuncture and stimulating nerves on your foot to release stress and increase a circulating blood recovery your energy rapidly for the body. So, What are benefits of foot massage? And what are spas having the best leg massage therapy at tpHcm?

The rule of foot massage technique.

best foot massage

Foot massage are not only a wonderfully relaxing therapy also an effective preventing and curing diseases. The rule of this method is to look a foot as a map which shows your health and every point of your foot will correspond with your body part.

According to this health map, a massage technician will do moves of point acupuncture, massage combined with an acupuncture treatment that effects on the system of nerve, ligament, and dangerous spot. This will stimulate an ability to cure diseases and hurtings of a body itself. If you use this foot massage therapy regularly, your body will become lightly and powerfully.

The Benefit Of Foot Massage

foot reflexolofy

After woking hard for a long day, we just want have 10 minutes and foot massage to take the benefits:

  • Getting rid of exhaustion, recovering your energy.
  • Releasing stress, falling in good sleeping.
  • Preventing and curing insomnia, headache, arteriosclerosis, arthralgia,…
  • Circulating blood and bringing fresh blood into skin.

Moving continuously, carrying heavy things or wearing high heels,… in a long time which make our feet dropsy. Come to the best foot massage spas to release your body and recovery your energy, my friends!

The Best Foot Massage spa in ho chi minh?

Having many qualified massage technicians; friendly customer service and the wonderful relaxing atmosphere close to the natural environment and high-quality products imported from Japan and Korea. V Spa makes sure to bring the best foot massage therapy to you and always be your side on the way of caring your legs and feet.

Come to V Spa to enjoy the therapy combined with the foot massage and point injection. You’ll take your energy back and reset your mind to prepare in reaching all of your goals.