Oriental Medicine wrote: “When you press the acupuncture points in the foot will have the effect of preventing disease and prolonged youth. So, take the time to massage the acupuncture points of the feet according to the guidance of experts to increase the longevity!

Did you know, the left foot corresponds to the parts of the left hemisphere such as the left eye, left kidney, heart, spleen, … and the right foot to the corresponding parts of the right hemisphere such as right eye,… From the map showing this relationship, we can easily see that the health of the foot plays a very important role for the whole body. So, every day you should spend 30 minutes to perform the foot reflexology massage by technicians at V Spa Center to increase durability for your feet.

Guideline massage acupressure for feet.

The foot massage is designed simply to help all of us to take care of our feet at home with 3 specific steps as follows:

Foot massage therapy

To perform acupressure in the foot, you need to create a sitting posture, left leg shrinking, folding knees and feet to pressure on the chair. Next, use the palm of your right hand on the left foot, while your left hand rubs along the ankle about 30 times. Then, with the thumb and forefinger in both hands, squeeze the toes lightly for 5 minutes, then press up and pat your feet.

Massage for the feet should pay attention to important points such as acupuncture points between the ankle line, the acupuncture point between the toe and thumb and the acupuncture point between the pinkie pin and the pressure Arabia. Every day we should perform massage therapy twice and each time about 20 minutes combined walking will help the feet a lot more comfortable.

Foot massage therapy.

Posture when doing the massage, the pressure on the liver of the foot as you sit, the left leg placed on the right knee, the left hand holding the foot and the right arm close to the liver of the foot. At this time, massage your feet 20 times with strong force gradually and gradually to warm feet.

Next, use your thumb and forefinger to squeeze your toes lightly for about 5 minutes, then press your index finger gently into the grasp in the middle of the foot of the foot. Then, leave the tip of the thumb perpendicular to the lobe of the foot and descend in a clockwise direction. As such, we alternate acupuncture massage therapy on both soles of the feet to help strengthen the legs and circulate blood better.

Foot bath therapy.

Before proceeding massage acupressure foot, we should soak the water with leaves such as wormwood, leaf leaves, ginger leaves, bamboo leaves, incense leaves, salt boil. You should apply foot soak therapy every day for the treatment of arthritis, low numbness and cold feet are very effective.

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Detailed instructions, how to do simple, you can completely massage the acupuncture point of the feet at home to increase the strength and flexibility of the legs. If you can arrange the time, please go to V Spa to be the technician performed massage more acupuncture in a more effective way.

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