Laser Hair Removal – Clean Each Hair

Laser hair removal helps to clean each of the hairs, leaving us with smooth and flawless skin. Experience this new technology to confidently show off your feminine beauty in sexy outfits and seductive sisters!

The body with thick feathers is obsessed with making many women feel awkward and self-conscious about their bodies, thus removing hair on the face, legs, hands, armpits or bikini. The urgent needs of women. And laser hair removal is the number one choice of millions of beautiful beauticians all over the world, and how about you – have experienced this advanced technology yet?

Did you properly wax hair ?

Do you know, the time we spend to get rid of the hairs across the skin roughly rough skin roughly equivalent to nearly 60 days throughout life? However, the methods of hand that we are applying cannot clean up each hair, but also create conditions for hair, hands, feet, underarms, … grow stronger.

Imagine, the coat on the body is like grass! Once we extract the grass without rooting, only 2-3 days later, the grass grows back into a dense carpet.

That’s why, after using a hair loss shampoo, using plucking pliers, using razors, even applying advanced techniques rather than waxing … we still cannot say “goodbye” It is with stubborn hairs, and it seems that when stimulated they grow up with increased speed and stiffness. So, if you are using one of these popular hair removal methods, immediately stop, go to a spa or professional salon for laser hair removal as soon as possible.

Laser hair removal – Clean each hair.

The uniqueness of the laser hair removal technology comes from the power of intelligent laser beam and flexible transformation. When the laser comes into contact with the hairs, light energy converts into heat that gently destroys each pubic hair without affecting the outer layer of the skin like the surrounding tissue.

Especially the laser has a great effect on skin rejuvenation, so after the hair removal, our skin will become smooth and youthful without defect. You can use laser hair removal on all seasons of the year on different parts of the body such as the face, lip, armpit, back, abdomen, bikini, hands, legs, … without worries dry skin. Or allergic to other popular hair removal methods.

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Using waxing, waxing, shaving or plucking hair, etc., but laser hair removal is the smartest choice today. It takes only 10 minutes, technicians at V Spa will clean each hair, help you get the bright white skin to attract all eyes.

laser hair removal

Permanent hair removal with the power of laser light

The laser is a new generation of permanent hair removal technology that is widely applied around the world due to the ability to remove the stubborn hairs on many areas of the skin. With a light source of light that is transformed from laser light, we do not have to eliminate hair several times and still have a smooth lane full of charm.

You feel extremely disappointed and bored by whether the skin is white, but the body cannot be sexy when the hard coarse hair sticking everywhere from the face, chest until hands and feet,…? Drop that worry as you have permanent hair removal with laser light – effective, gentle and safe.

Advantages of permanent hair removal by laser.

Laser hair removal is shaping up the beauty trend around the world thanks to the convergence of the following highlights:

  • No pain and no side effects.
  • Long-term effects cost savings and duration of treatment.
  • Thoroughly clean the hairs in all parts of the body as well as cure inflammation of the hair follicles and brighten dark areas.

Instead of wasting time and money on temporary hair removal treatments such as hair loss, hair removal, waxing, … you should perform permanent hair removal by modern laser beam method has been certified by many clinical studies.

The procedure of permanent hair removal by laser at V Spa

V Spa is one of the prestigious beauty spa Center in Ho Chi Minh City is applying the best laser hair removal technology with the standard treatment procedure consists of 3 basic steps:

Step 1: Clean the area to eliminate hair.

Step 2: Apply a layer of gelatin cold to the skin needs hair removal to protect the skin.

Step 3: Professional technicians will adjust the wavelength of the laser machine to match the skin of the hair needs of the customer.

At V Spa, after complete laser hair removal procedures, customers will receive complete skin care with natural essence and scientific skincare consultation to maintain a smooth skin from Inside out.

Note after laser hair removal

To achieve optimal results, as soon as the end of the laser hair removal routine, you should note the following:

  • Apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or above during hair loss
  • Avoid direct sunlight for at least the first 2 weeks
  • After about 3 weeks of laser treatment, when hair starts to fall off, you should not spit or wax, but gently wipe with a damp cloth to let the hair fall naturally.
  • Your skin may be reddened by the effects of laser light, but let your skin recover without using any care products without consulting your specialist.

Hopefully, the information, as well as knowledge that V Spa Beauty Specialist shared in this article, will help your peace of mind with permanent laser hair removal. If you have any questions, please contact us for direct consultation!


Is permanent hair removal safe?

Save time, improve efficiency more 10 times what laser hair removal methods bring us. But using this advanced technology, permanent hair removal is safe?

Instead of having to sit down every hour of hair removal in the traditional way, you only need to spend 10 – 30 minutes shorter hair removal by laser energy that can blow away your legs, hair, arms, armpits … The hairs that are the most difficult to see are the eyes. So what many people are worried about is permanent hair removal is safe? Or, more fully, is laser permanent hair removal safe?

Is permanent hair removal safe?

Elimination of permanent hair by laser light is superior to conventional hair removal methods such as shaving, hair waxing, hair removal, etc. Because laser light energy penetrates deeply, The hair follicle roots come out of the skin cells, breaking off the hairs and blocking the hairs, removing hairs from the root to the hair.

Laser wave energy does not exert any force or heat on the skin cells, only directly into the area to be eliminated, ensuring the safety of the surrounding skin. Moreover, laser light is very friendly to the skin, does not cause hair folliculitis or skin irritation like using a hair removal cream, hair removal patches, …

In particular, laser energy is capable of stimulating the production of natural collagen, regenerating skin cells from within, helping to have a smooth and youthful skin. It only takes about 4-6 treatments to remove the hair permanently, without having to perform as often as other methods.

The outstanding advantages of laser technology are the appropriate answer to the question “permanent hair removal is safe?” That many sisters care about. However, hundreds of hearing a second, you spend time and experience the OPT laser hair removal solution Spa V to self-assessment objectively!

Laser OPT Laser Hair Removal Technology at V Spa

V Spa is a famous beauty center in Ho Chi Minh City by pioneering the application of high-quality aesthetic technology, typically a permanent laser hair removal OPT. This is the perfect combination of strength of IPL + RF + E-LIGHT to give customers outstanding differences such as:

  • 10 times more effective than other methods
  • Short treatment time is only 10 – 30 minutes
  • Non-invasive damaging skin cells and leaving no pigmentation on the skin
  • No pain, no anesthesia is required because hair removal treatment uses only a small amount of thermal energy suitable for the skin surface.
  • No adverse physical or chemical adverse effects after treatment

V Spa -> the best spa in chi chi minh.

The OPT Laser technology uses flexible optical light pulses that can solve many skin problems at the same time. That is the reason why V Spa’s permanent hair removal service attracts so many tourists.

There have been many customers to V Spa with the same concern “permanent hair removal is not safe?” As you. And our OPT Laser has really helped them to be happy and secure – and what about you? Come to V Spa to say goodbye to each thread today!

tẩy lông chân bằng nghệ

3 Ways of Hair Legs Removal at Home “Super” Simple

Simple and gentle are the 3 uncomplicated hair legs removal remedies that V Spa synthesizes and shares with all the girls in this article. Take the time to consult our beauty tips to be confident with your smooth and graceful legs!

Today, with the development of aesthetic technology, permanent hair legs removal has become extremely easy and fast. But, natural beauty is still the passion of our most women, isn’t it?

V Spa too! We always cherish and promote the essence that nature offers human beings to apply to their beauty services. So, we would like to share with you 3 ways to remove hair legs at home with the closest and closest material in the daily life of each person.

Removing hair legs with turmeric.

From ancient times, turmeric is considered a powerful remedy for scars. But few know that it can also be used to remove hair legs, just follow these steps:

Step one: Take about 6 grams of fresh turmeric powder, 5 teaspoons of honey for warm, then add a little bit of lukewarm water until a paste mixture is formed and then let it cool.

Step two: Rinse your feet with warm water, then dry your feet.

 Step three: Apply a mixture of turmeric powder on the part of hair legs removal, then use a clean towel to cover and clean.

You can be sure to apply regularly hair legs removal 2-3 times/week, your legs will be smooth and smooth as you like.

Removing hair legs with Sapote.

Sapote is a nutritious fruit that many people love and is also a very effective hair legs removal material. Follow our instructions to make persimmon the best hair remover.

Step one: Pick 2 soft pink roses, peel and then press the juice. Then mix the pinkish-blue juice with a barley flour, sugar-free yogurt, and honey just enough to make a sticky mixture.

Step two: Clean your skin of a hair legs removal, then dry with a soft towel.

Step Three: Apply this mixture evenly to the skin as a thin layer of the mask and wait until the mask is peeled off.

Gradually apply Chameleon Mask, you will see the hair follicles disappear, return legs stretched smooth and bright than before a lot.

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Removing Hair Legs with tomatoes.

For women, tomatoes are a familiar and well-known raw material, right? However, in addition to rejuvenating facial skin, tomatoes with high vitamin C content can also help us remove the coat on the skin gently.

You only need to pick the ripe tomatoes, then rub on the legs or arms, arm under the bleach. Repeat this procedure for 20 minutes, then rinse off with cool water, and your legs will fall off slowly without pain.

Removing hair legs with simple, cheap, but cost-effective natural remedies will not be permanent, so it will often take us many times to do so. So, why not come to V Spa experience Laser OPT technology – The perfect combination of strength of IPL + RF + E-LIGHT hair removal permanently effective 10 times more than the method of conditioning Another treatment after 10 minutes today?

laser hair removal

Permanent OPT Laser Hair Removal – 10 times effective

OPT Laser Technology   – The perfect combination of strength of IPL + RF + E-LIGHT for permanent hair removal is 10 times more effective than other treatments. Come to V Spa today to experience the breakthrough of this modern aesthetic method!

Gone are the days of standing buried feet hours to spit out every hair with tiny tweezers hoping to be confident in dressing armpits attractive, or moments of suffering pain by waxing leg hair can only be walked by longing for one step on the smooth legs. This little happiness can now become reality after about 10 – 30 minutes of OPT laser technology – the permanent method of hair removal transcendental V Spa.

Permanent OPT Laser Hair Removal  – 10 times effective

OPT laser technology is not the only method that effectively removes hairs in many areas of the body spa, but with the perfect combination of IPL + RF + E-LIGHT – Laser OPT Give customers outstanding differences such as:

  • 10 times more effective than other methods
  • Short treatment time is only 10 – 30 minutes
  • Non-invasive damaging skin cells and leaving no pigment on the skin
  • No pain, no anesthesia, because the hair removal treatment uses only a small amount of thermal energy suitable for the skin surface.
  • Do not cause adverse physical or chemical adverse effects after treatment.

In particular, the OPT Laser technology utilizes flexible optical impulse perfect lighting that can solve many different skin problems. So, what are the benefits of this method of permanent hair removal?

Benefits of using the OPT Laser Hair Removal Technology.

Far away from the framework of a permanent hair removal method, OPT Laser technology has helped women quickly to have a smooth, youthful and rosy skin thanks to the integration of many great beauty features:

  • Removes freckles, sunburn, and bruises.
  • Minimize large pores, soften rough skin, lumpy skin, stimulate skin elasticity to help skin rejuvenation significantly.
  • Remove wrinkles, facelift and facial lift, support facial contours.
  • Effective acne treatment and acne dermatitis.
  • Complete cure of capillary vasodilatation – the cause of arterial blood vessels causing facial aesthetic disfigurement.

Just like “one shot on many targets,” using OPTlaser technology helps clean unwanted hairs and revitalize skin that is damaged and softened. Are you hesitant anymore without catching up this “key to beauty” multimeter?

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To be the Beauty Care Center owns modern OPT laser hair removal technology with a team of experienced technicians, skilled – V Spa is the ideal destination for women to cherish and pamper yourself. We are committed to working with you to look beautiful and dashing.

permanent hair removal

How much does the permanent legs hair removal cost?

You have a permanent removal hair legs need but do not know “how much does the permanent hair removal cost?” And the price of hair removal at the Spa is? So let’s join us for the latest permanent hair removal price list 2017!

It is easy to see that: The cost of hair removal at the salon or spa is not the same because the high or low price depends on many factors such as method, hair removal technology. , Technical skills of technicians and hair condition of each person, … Below is the latest price list of hair removal 2017 updated by V Spa


Upper lip 700,000 vnđ


3,800,000 vnđ


Underarms 900,000 vnđ


5,000,000 vnđ


Face 1,500,000 vnđ


8,350,000 vnđ


Chest (male) 1,500,000 vnđ


8,350,000 vnđ


Stomach 1,500,000 vnđ


8,350,000 vnđ


Full back 2,000,000 vnđ


9,000,000 vnđ


½ Arms 1,500,000 vnđ


8,350,000 vnđ


½ Legs 2,000,000 vnđ


9,000,000 vnđ


Full arms 2,000,000 vnđ


9,000,000 vnđ


Full legs 3,000,000 vnđ


10.000,000 vnđ


Bikini line 1,200,000 vnđ


6,350,000 vnđ


Full bikini 1,500,000 vnđ


8350,000 vnđ



Full body

10,000,000 vnđ


45,000,000 vnđ


How much does the permanent hair removal cost?

hair removal

gently feet, smooth arms, and soft armpit is the dream of our women we, isn’t it? So let’s find out how much does the permanent hair removal cost? Through the price list of V Spa to actively prepare time and finance for the upcoming hair removal.

Why should you use the permanent hair removal at V Spa?

legs hair removal

Hair follicles work to reduce friction and keep the body cool, but if too much hair follicle will cause aesthetic parts of the body, making women lack confidence in their appearance. That is why women always pay special attention to the methods as well as the cost of hair removal permanently to overcome this situation.

However, most home hair removal methods, such as shaving, feathering, or plucking, are not as effective.  Furthermore, using home remedies also causes pain and stimulates hair growth, which is thicker than normal.

Far away from the benefits of a permanent hair removal, OPT Laser Hair Removal Technology – the perfect combination of IPL + RF + E-LIGHT, OPT Laser at V Spa, not only removes each Hair follicles but also help women have smooth skin, youthful and rosy:

– Help skin get rid of spots freckles, sunburn, age spots, facial defects

– Improve large pores, rough skin, lumpy skin, sunburn, uniform skin color, restore skin elasticity.

– Effective acne treatment and acne dermatitis.

– Treatment of vasodilatation: causes red vein on the face and red face.

– Improve skin: remove wrinkles, facelift, facial lift, refine face sculpting. Removes brown spots, red spots, and spots on the old skin regenerate bright white skin and youthful.

It takes only 10-15 minutes of laser hair removal OPT, you will have a smooth, flawless, painless skin and leave no pigments on the skin at the most reasonable cost.

Please contact us – Our consultants will provide you with information about how much does the permanent hair removal cost? And how is the process of permanent  performed? Be specific and dedicated.