Do You Think You Have Exfoliated the Body Properly?

Do the skin of your abdomen, legs, or back and dark skin make you feel insecure? Throw away your worry and light your skin from the inside out, from top to bottom with this amazing body scrub secret!

Which of us wants to own a bright and vibrant skin at all angles? So today, do not just focus on the beauty of the face, you should spend time caring for the skin by using the best and safest scrubs we introduce below.

The best body scrubs.

Smooth skin helps our bodies become more attractive and much younger. If you do not have time to go to a spa to scrub whole body, you can apply the very simple home remedies procedure that V Spa shares to quickly obtain flawless, white skin.

Step one: Wash your whole body from the soles of your feet. If your feet are rugged or have many spots, you can soak them in warm water with fresh milk before bathing for 30 minutes.

Step two: You only need to put a small amount of exfoliating cream on a piece of loofah or cotton bath and rub lightly along the body. After that, massage smoothly in circular motions to deep penetrating deeply into each skin cell deep inside, removing dead skin cells sticking to the skin, especially areas such as elbows and knees…

Step Three: After cleansing, the layers of horn and rough skin, take a shower with warm bath and shower gel. Finally, use a soft cotton towel to dry your entire body and use a moisturizer to help prevent dryness.

Just spend 30 minutes exfoliating body with the simple and easy process as you can touch the skin smooth and full of vitality!

Notice when exfoliating body.

In order to achieve the best exfoliating effect, in addition to following the process outlined above, you should note the following:

– When exfoliating the skin absolutely do not exfoliate the skin around the eyes because this is thin skin so it is very vulnerable.

– Limit the brush too strong, you should only gently massage in a circle or spiral.

– Do not use body lotion for facial skin and vice versa because the two skin areas are completely different.

– After skin exfoliation, you should avoid the sun for 2-3 days, because the skin is still thin and sensitive if the sun will cause the skin to catch the sun faster.

The most important thing that V Spa would like to emphasize is that: Before choosing body scrubs method, you should visit a beauty spa care professional to conduct a skin examination and determine the appropriate exfoliating cream.

Body scrubs help us to prevent signs of aging to keep our skin radiant. So, please arrange your time, directly go to V Spa – our beauty specialist will advise you of a safe and effective skin care program for a long time!


Reveal Rough Skin with a Natural Body Mask

You are worried because of the skin on a body degradation, but busy work that makes you not have time to Spa to care for the skin? Stop worrying because there are two types of natural body mask to help rough skin be into smooth skin that we introduce to you soon.

If at this time, you cannot afford to go to the professional Spa to take care of your skin, take a little preparation time and mask the body from the natural ingredients available in the simple formula that V Spa will share it! Although, the effect will not be as great as when it comes to the Beauty Center, but it will also help keep the skin fresh and smooth than that!

Body mask from strawberry, honey, and rice bran.

Strawberries and rice bran are two natural ingredients that are so familiar to most of our girls and sisters. Then add honey, fresh milk, and tangerine, how will we create a body mask?

Prepare materials

– 15 fresh strawberries

– 1 tangerine

– 100 ml of fresh milk

– 3 teaspoons of honey

– 1/2 cup rice bran

Doing steps.

Gradually remove the seeds out of the tangerine, leave the peel with strawberries in the blender. Then, put the rice bran, fresh milk, and honey in a large bowl, then pour the mixture of strawberry and tangerine clearly.

When you have prepared the mask mixture, let bathe in warm water, dry your body with a soft cotton towel, and start applying the mask. First, brush the mixture over the entire body, then relax for about 30 minutes to extract the essence from the mask into the skin cells.

Finally, you bathe or just wipe your body with warm water. Just apply a facial mask from strawberry, tangerine, honey, fresh milk and rice bran twice a week, the rough horn on the skin surface to be cleanly removed, Smooth clearly.

Body mask from tea.

We all know that green tea has the effect of proliferating collagen and preventing aging very effectively. Here, we will introduce some special body masks created by a variety of different tea, let’s explore together!

First mask.

You just mix about 6 teaspoons of tea tree oil, 2 teaspoons of glycerin and 2 teaspoons of tea and water, then gently rub your hands and feet about 2 times a week to help soften the skin.

Second mask.

Mix the juice of a tomato with 2 teaspoons of glycerin and a little salt. Then apply this mask to your hands and massage and keep within 15 minutes to clean your hands, will help soothe the sunburn caused by the sun.

Third mask.

If your skin is sunburned, you need to immediately grind a cucumber and squeeze the juice and add 1/2 teaspoon of glycerin tea and 1/2 teaspoon of rose water tea then stir it. Apply this mixture to the areas of sunburn on the body to avoid the damage caused by ultraviolet rays.

Hopefully, some formulas mask body from the nature that V Spa shared will help you care and protect the skin from the adverse impact from the environment. Please follow our next articles to have more useful beauty knowledge!

body mask

What Do Experts Say About Masking the Body?

Do you know that the skin on the body should also be provided with frequent essential nutrients such as face and hair? That is the reason why beauty care experts recommend that we should cover the body mask to help the “skin” of the body bright ivory.

The body mask is gradually becoming a package of skin care and beauty spa services popular in the Spa as well as beauty salon. But what exactly is “masking the body”? What kind of body mask are there? Still, the concept is quite ambiguous for many customers.

What is a facial mask ?

Skin care specialists say that previously masking the body was intended only to lose weight by wrapping plastic or plastic wrap around the body to remove excess fat from the body. However, today, the body mask has been studied as a skin care intensive treatment from whitening to effective detoxification.

What are some of the today’s popular body masks ?

In most prestigious beauty centers today are applying three types of body masks: hydration, stimulation, and detoxification. The following V Spa’s skin therapists will analyze the mechanism and specific effects of each type of body mask, you guys watch to understand more about this method!

Body hydrating mask.

Hydrochloric treatment begins with a body scrub that removes dead skin cells, followed by a body lotion and body wrap in a warm towel. Maintain this status for an appropriate period of time so that the essence of the cream penetrates deeply into the interior.

After that, the customer will be removed the mask gently, dry clean and apply moisturizer. Applying this facial mask will help us to have fresh, vibrant skin, whether it be dry winter or hot summer.

Body stimulating mask.

By using marine salts such as algae or seaweed, stimulating body masks have the ability to promote circulation and increase metabolism, helping to reduce the apparent condition of the skin. When using this mask, customers will be algae or seaweed embryos all over the body, then wrapped with thin metal sheets or plastic.

At times, technicians at the beauty facility will wrap up an outer towel to increase circulation and help the skin absorb nutrients better. When mineral substances are absorbed into the skin, customers will remove the mask and bath with clean, then relax gently while Spa staff applies moisturizer.

Body detoxification mask.

The main purpose of detox masking is to promote circulation to remove all dirt and toxins in the body with mud, clay or herb coverings. Apply mask body detoxification quickly cleanse the body from the inside out, helping skin smooth and clean as well.

Using this mask, customers will be covered with a body of mud, clay or herbal wrap. When the surface is dried, customers will be bathed and soothing massage with moisturizer.

It can be said, masking the body is a comprehensive restoration and skin care necessary for all of us. So, take the time to the prestigious Beauty Spa to be the consultant type of mask best suited to arouse vitality from deep within the skin of the body!


spa therapies

Synthetic spa therapies of the world

A spa is not only a place for health care and beauty but also known as a specialized resort for everyone. Believe it, with the wonderful spa therapies below, will help us find the balance of life in the present.

Quiet space and sound at the therapeutic Spa quickly dissipate the fatigue and relieve the sorrows of everyday life, help improve the quality of life for us. So what is the current full range of spa therapies?

The method of spa treatment saunas.

Dry saffron is a popular therapy in the West by using stones or gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, quartz, etc. to heat up the room to about 600C for sweat draining. Out naturally Through this mechanism, toxins and sebum secretions are eliminated through the sweat glands to promote circulation, mental relaxation, pain relief and skin whitening.

Sauna therapy also supports the body to conserve energy and break down excess fat, restore balance and health to customers. If you are looking for a solution that both improves your appearance and promotes wellness, then saunas are a perfect choice!

The method of spa treatment is steam bath.

Using the secret of saunas, steamed salts at the Spa also use natural herbs such as fresh ginger, fresh lemongrass leaves, mint leaves, incense leaves, wormwood leaves, grapefruit leaves … help reduce Joint pain and muscle relaxation. In the sauna is set the appropriate temperature with herbal flowers diffused by steam will stimulate blood circulation and strengthen the immune system of the body.

In particular, steaming is also a treatment for sinusitis, asthma, and bronchitis. With this gentle and refreshing spa treatment, you will easily notice the skin becomes rosy and smooth.

Spa treatment method of Jacuzzi tub.

The gas bath is a harmonious combination of therapeutic massage techniques and millions of small air bubbles that are sprayed from the bottom of the basin carrying natural fragrances such as rose, jasmine, lavender … Easy and tough body. The gentle mechanical impact on the skin is the crux of the spa treatment of the air spa to relieve stress and relax the body massage quickly.

Come to V Spa – Spa prestige in District 1, in addition to the above spa therapies, you will also experience the techniques of massage, acupressure and cutting edge technology with modern skin care at affordable cost. physical. Please contact us to be consultant attentive care each of health care and beauty spa service!

body scrub

Body scrubs are suitable for each skin type

Exfoliating cleanses the surface of the skin while stimulating circulation of blood in the body to help us have a bright and healthy skin. But if you do not know how to exfoliate the entire body to suit each type of skin, it can sometimes cause adverse reactions to the skin.

Most girlfriends and sisters are doing screaming recipes online sharing or spreading each other. This invisible joint can cause skin damage by the way of exfoliating which you use does not match your skin turgor. That is why V Spa Skin Care Specialist – Top Body and beauty spa in exfoliating the entire body in Ho Chi Minh City, will provide us with important knowledge related to safe and effective exfoliating treatments, please refer to it!

The essence of body scrubs.

It can be said that exfoliation is a crucial “link” in every skin care procedure, whether facial or body skin. And body scrub are divided into two basic methods as follows:

Mechanical exfoliating.

This method uses small grains or flours such as cereals, green tea, coffee beans, granular salt, … to create friction on the skin, helping to remove all excess layers of dead skin. Mechanical exfoliation is simple, easy to make and cost is usually cheap, so this is a great way to use a lot of options.

Chemical exfoliating.

Chemically-engineered exfoliants use chemical active ingredients as an adhesive that attaches skin cells to the surface of the skin to easily remove dead skin layers on the skin surface. This method is more effective than mechanical exfoliating, but due to the high cost, the number of customers choosing is limited.

However, no matter which method of exfoliating is applied, it is just a matter of choosing the right one for your treadmill. So what is the best body spa scrub formula for us? Please follow up soon!

Body scrubs are suitable for each skin type.

Not only exfoliating but when using any kind of cosmetics, we need to pay attention to choose the product or method suitable to optimize the beauty effect. What is your skin type? V Spa will help you find the best body scrub for each skin type!

Oily skin, less acne and less sensitive.

With this type of skin, you can comfortably use both mechanical and chemical exfoliating. Just note: If the mechanical method is applied regularly twice a week if the chemical method is maintained, 3 times a week.

Oily skin, many acne and less sensitive.

Oily skin, acne, and less sensitive skin can also be exfoliated with both chemical and mechanical means. However, this skin tends to be both sensitive and acne-prone. When exfoliating, you need to rub gently to avoid causing strong exertion on the skin and use mild, mild compounds. Contains a lot of bleach. If your skin is not too thin, it can be purged 2 times a week, if the skin is too thin, only remove 10 times a day!

Normal skin and signs of aging.

Skin is often and signs of aging, we should only exfoliate by chemical methods with mild ingredients to avoid skin irritation.

Dry and sensitive skin.

We can still exfoliate with both chemical and mechanical formulations, but you should prioritize mechanical methods as this is the best way to exfoliate dry and sensitive skin. In order to achieve the highest level of safety and effectiveness for this type of skin, you have to exfoliate once a week or 10 days.

Hopefully, the useful knowledge that the beauty therapist of V Spa shared in this article will help the girlfriends and sisters to choose the appropriate body scrubs, to own. The skin is fresh and full of vitality. If you have any questions related to skin care, please contact V Spa – Our staff will be dedicated and completely free of charge.

spa làm đẹp

Standards to make a beauty care Spa be prestigious and quality?

Within the circle of developing modern society, all of us, no matter what age, should spend time for ourselves such as take care our body to have work-life balance through a variety beauty care services… but, there are too much Spa to choose today, meaning that this makes you have no idea about should trust what a Spa.

In the past, Spa was the place which customers could relax completely to erase stress and polish their appearances, but, today, Beauty care Spas are also considered as a solution that makes people’s health stronger and their minds at ease. This opinion about the value of Spa services is different compared in the old days, so the standards which evaluate a prestigious Spa are not similar, too.

What are the standards to make a beauty spa be prestigious and quality?

To think about Spa, we’ll image it like a wilderness picture with the green space, relax music, essential plants oil and added many smooth and gentle hands massaging you. All of these things will deliver you to the fairy places or heaven. However, these things are not enough to become the good beauty care Spa because a human need doesn’t stop here.

Today, The best spas at Saigon must abide full of rules and standards of modern medicine. Following that, from procedures and therapy techniques to material perfumes for Spas’ services must be accepted safely by Department of Health Ho Chi Minh city.

With every beauty care Spa Service must do as a particular process and fit with customers’ condition health to have effective results.

– Full body massage services will circulate blood, erase stress, Therefore, it brings to customers a stronger body and cheery mind.

– Skincare services and recovering the shape which supports to improve your skin to be smoother, brighter and eliminate fat in legs, belly….

– Everlasting waxing hair services not only eliminate unexpected hair but also make your pores smaller.

Life is changing – a human need is not limited as in the past anymore, so Spas at Saigon are also changing to catch the trend.

V Spa – The number 1 Spa at Saigon

Always attempt to change better, V Spa has delivered to customers a lot of good beauty care services combined with the best therapy. More importantly, the employees of V Spa will focus on these elements:

– Using 100% natural material and original products.

– Often training to specialize employees’ professional qualification.

– Investing build the luxurious space closing natural environment.

– The best customers service.

– Giving the good promotion and reasonable price for all of customers.

This true profession of V Spa has always been trusted by all kind of customers as the best Spas at Saigon. This mainly motivates V Spa to continue to attempt without tired to brings the best services for V Spa’s beloved customers.

There are many Spas but to find the best beauty care Spa is not easy. Therefore, we hope that you’ll find the suitable Spa!

tẩy lông chân bằng nghệ

3 Ways of Hair Legs Removal at Home “Super” Simple

Simple and gentle are the 3 uncomplicated hair legs removal remedies that V Spa synthesizes and shares with all the girls in this article. Take the time to consult our beauty tips to be confident with your smooth and graceful legs!

Today, with the development of aesthetic technology, permanent hair legs removal has become extremely easy and fast. But, natural beauty is still the passion of our most women, isn’t it?

V Spa too! We always cherish and promote the essence that nature offers human beings to apply to their beauty services. So, we would like to share with you 3 ways to remove hair legs at home with the closest and closest material in the daily life of each person.

Removing hair legs with turmeric.

From ancient times, turmeric is considered a powerful remedy for scars. But few know that it can also be used to remove hair legs, just follow these steps:

Step one: Take about 6 grams of fresh turmeric powder, 5 teaspoons of honey for warm, then add a little bit of lukewarm water until a paste mixture is formed and then let it cool.

Step two: Rinse your feet with warm water, then dry your feet.

 Step three: Apply a mixture of turmeric powder on the part of hair legs removal, then use a clean towel to cover and clean.

You can be sure to apply regularly hair legs removal 2-3 times/week, your legs will be smooth and smooth as you like.

Removing hair legs with Sapote.

Sapote is a nutritious fruit that many people love and is also a very effective hair legs removal material. Follow our instructions to make persimmon the best hair remover.

Step one: Pick 2 soft pink roses, peel and then press the juice. Then mix the pinkish-blue juice with a barley flour, sugar-free yogurt, and honey just enough to make a sticky mixture.

Step two: Clean your skin of a hair legs removal, then dry with a soft towel.

Step Three: Apply this mixture evenly to the skin as a thin layer of the mask and wait until the mask is peeled off.

Gradually apply Chameleon Mask, you will see the hair follicles disappear, return legs stretched smooth and bright than before a lot.

Removing Hair Legs with tomatoes.

For women, tomatoes are a familiar and well-known raw material, right? However, in addition to rejuvenating facial skin, tomatoes with high vitamin C content can also help us remove the coat on the skin gently.

You only need to pick the ripe tomatoes, then rub on the legs or arms, arm under the bleach. Repeat this procedure for 20 minutes, then rinse off with cool water, and your legs will fall off slowly without pain.

Removing hair legs with simple, cheap, but cost-effective natural remedies will not be permanent, so it will often take us many times to do so. So, why not come to V Spa experience Laser OPT technology – The perfect combination of strength of IPL + RF + E-LIGHT hair removal permanently effective 10 times more than the method of conditioning Another treatment after 10 minutes today?

beauty care spa

Choose a beauty care spa to remember these 4 things!

Skin care, permanent hair removal or white bathing are the legitimate needs of everyone, not just women. However, to get smooth and white skin as expected, when choosing a beauty care spa, you definitely have to remember the 4 things we share the following.

Fine-tuning is the way we cherish ourselves. Also aware of the importance of facial appearance, many people no longer hesitate to visit the beauty salon or aesthetic center as before.

However, between the various spa in the current, you definitely have to remember these 4 things to choose a prestige address:

The space of beauty spa.

Going to a spa to care our beauty is not just to pamper the skin, but also because we want to take advantage of this wonderful time to relax and help ease the muscles and spirit. Therefore, you choose the spa with luxury space, soft light, melodious music and pure natural scent will help the body is released to be gentle, peaceful.

Products used in the beauty process.

Most reputable spas choose to use well-known cosmetics brands, resulting in a high level of beauty and safety. However, to ensure skin care products, moisturizers or masks, … used at the beauty care spa is genuine, please verify information about the origin of these cosmetics on the Internet. !

Skill of spa technicians.

Effective caring the beauty & spa not only by technology and cosmetics but also depends on a lot of the skill as well as skills to perform beauty care services of technicians. Therefore, you should choose the aesthetic center with good staff and trained in a basic way.

Cost of beauty services.

To increase competitiveness and attract customers, many spas have launched promotions with attractive incentives. However, you should carefully re-verify information about service quality to avoid the “money loss”.

Ideally, we should contact the spa directly for specific advice on the cost of beauty services. If they are a professional beauty salon or spa, they will be happy to answer all your questions.

If this is your first time to a beauty care spa, you should definitely not miss the four notes that the beauty therapist of V Spa has synthesized and shared in this article. You can contact us for a free consultation on all issues related to spa & beauty services!

skin care

There are 4 tips for this skin care – Age is just a small thing!

The shape is the first – skin is the second – This old saying to remind us of the importance of skin care as well as physique to get the most beauty. And ladies and gentlemen, we just have four skin care tips – age is only a small thing.

The environment of pollution, the work of many computer contacts and the habit of staying up late, … the skin of the weak early appearance of signs of aging such as wrinkles, crow’s feet, freckles. To improve the situation, in addition to skin care with high-grade cosmetics, sisters can apply 4 tips scientifically skin care below!

🌹 Get enough sleep.

Deep sleep, enough sleep – are skin care therapies for a long-lasting and healthy skin. However, busy lives along with the hobby of using technology such as computers and cell phones make us unable to sleep 7 to 8 hours a day, even many sisters have Insomnia or sleepiness. Long-term insomnia or sleeplessness not only severely affect health but also accelerate skin aging. Therefore, you should practice the habit of sleeping properly, get enough sleep by not eating too much, foot massage and bath with warm water.

🌹 Wash your face properly

Many people mistakenly think that washing your face several times a day will help keep the skin clean and smooth. This is a mistake that needs to be corrected immediately because if you wash your face more than 2 times a day will make the skin fragile and vulnerable to a lot more, especially the face.

So skin care experts advise us to take care of the skin with a scientific cleansing method as follows: After washing your face clean with a facial cleanser, pat your face a few times to flush the face. The real chemistry is completely freed from the pores and skin surface. In particular, you should note: Do not wash face too many times a day and have to choose cleanser products suitable for your skin type!

🌹 Avoid direct contact with sunlight.

Ultraviolet rays in the sun are the number one enemy of the skin. So, to avoid the damage caused by UV rays, before you leave home, you must necessarily use sunscreen and a hat, mask to protect the skin safely under the direct impact of sunshine.

🌹 Limit makeup.

Makeup makes you more confident by covering up many facial defects. However, the thick layers of chalk and tight seams clog the pores – the cause of skin rash and allergies.

Because of that, our sisters should limit the makeup if not really necessary to the skin is airy and healthy. And best of all, you should choose cosmetics with extracts from nature will help to care for skin safely and effectively.

These skin care tips we share in this article, you should also spend some time at a professional skincare spa to apply skin restoration procedures from within. Thus, we will keep the skin young and smooth as long as desired.

laser hair removal

Permanent OPT Laser Hair Removal – 10 times effective

OPT Laser Technology   – The perfect combination of strength of IPL + RF + E-LIGHT for permanent hair removal is 10 times more effective than other treatments. Come to V Spa today to experience the breakthrough of this modern aesthetic method!

Gone are the days of standing buried feet hours to spit out every hair with tiny tweezers hoping to be confident in dressing armpits attractive, or moments of suffering pain by waxing leg hair can only be walked by longing for one step on the smooth legs. This little happiness can now become reality after about 10 – 30 minutes of OPT laser technology – the permanent method of hair removal transcendental V Spa.

Permanent OPT Laser Hair Removal  – 10 times effective

OPT laser technology is not the only method that effectively removes hairs in many areas of the body spa, but with the perfect combination of IPL + RF + E-LIGHT – Laser OPT Give customers outstanding differences such as:

  • 10 times more effective than other methods
  • Short treatment time is only 10 – 30 minutes
  • Non-invasive damaging skin cells and leaving no pigment on the skin
  • No pain, no anesthesia, because the hair removal treatment uses only a small amount of thermal energy suitable for the skin surface.
  • Do not cause adverse physical or chemical adverse effects after treatment.

In particular, the OPT Laser technology utilizes flexible optical impulse perfect lighting that can solve many different skin problems. So, what are the benefits of this method of permanent hair removal?

Benefits of using the OPT Laser Hair Removal Technology.

Far away from the framework of a permanent hair removal method, OPT Laser technology has helped women quickly to have a smooth, youthful and rosy skin thanks to the integration of many great beauty features:

  • Removes freckles, sunburn, and bruises.
  • Minimize large pores, soften rough skin, lumpy skin, stimulate skin elasticity to help skin rejuvenation significantly.
  • Remove wrinkles, facelift and facial lift, support facial contours.
  • Effective acne treatment and acne dermatitis.
  • Complete cure of capillary vasodilatation – the cause of arterial blood vessels causing facial aesthetic disfigurement.

Just like “one shot on many targets,” using OPTlaser technology helps clean unwanted hairs and revitalize skin that is damaged and softened. Are you hesitant anymore without catching up this “key to beauty” multimeter?

To be the Beauty Care Center owns modern OPT laser hair removal technology with a team of experienced technicians, skilled – V Spa is the ideal destination for women to cherish and pamper yourself. We are committed to working with you to look beautiful and dashing.