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How much does the permanent legs hair removal cost?

You have a permanent removal hair legs need but do not know “how much does the permanent hair removal cost?” And the price of hair removal at the Spa is? So let’s join us for the latest permanent hair removal price list 2017!

It is easy to see that: The cost of hair removal at the salon or spa is not the same because the high or low price depends on many factors such as method, hair removal technology. , Technical skills of technicians and hair condition of each person, … Below is the latest price list of hair removal 2017 updated by V Spa


Upper lip 700,000 vnđ


3,800,000 vnđ


Underarms 900,000 vnđ


5,000,000 vnđ


Face 1,500,000 vnđ


8,350,000 vnđ


Chest (male) 1,500,000 vnđ


8,350,000 vnđ


Stomach 1,500,000 vnđ


8,350,000 vnđ


Full back 2,000,000 vnđ


9,000,000 vnđ


½ Arms 1,500,000 vnđ


8,350,000 vnđ


½ Legs 2,000,000 vnđ


9,000,000 vnđ


Full arms 2,000,000 vnđ


9,000,000 vnđ


Full legs 3,000,000 vnđ


10.000,000 vnđ


Bikini line 1,200,000 vnđ


6,350,000 vnđ


Full bikini 1,500,000 vnđ


8350,000 vnđ



Full body

10,000,000 vnđ


45,000,000 vnđ


How much does the permanent hair removal cost?

hair removal

gently feet, smooth arms, and soft armpit is the dream of our women we, isn’t it? So let’s find out how much does the permanent hair removal cost? Through the price list of V Spa to actively prepare time and finance for the upcoming hair removal.

Why should you use the permanent hair removal at V Spa?

legs hair removal

Hair follicles work to reduce friction and keep the body cool, but if too much hair follicle will cause aesthetic parts of the body, making women lack confidence in their appearance. That is why women always pay special attention to the methods as well as the cost of hair removal permanently to overcome this situation.

However, most home hair removal methods, such as shaving, feathering, or plucking, are not as effective.  Furthermore, using home remedies also causes pain and stimulates hair growth, which is thicker than normal.

Far away from the benefits of a permanent hair removal, OPT Laser Hair Removal Technology – the perfect combination of IPL + RF + E-LIGHT, OPT Laser at V Spa, not only removes each Hair follicles but also help women have smooth skin, youthful and rosy:

– Help skin get rid of spots freckles, sunburn, age spots, facial defects

– Improve large pores, rough skin, lumpy skin, sunburn, uniform skin color, restore skin elasticity.

– Effective acne treatment and acne dermatitis.

– Treatment of vasodilatation: causes red vein on the face and red face.

– Improve skin: remove wrinkles, facelift, facial lift, refine face sculpting. Removes brown spots, red spots, and spots on the old skin regenerate bright white skin and youthful.

It takes only 10-15 minutes of laser hair removal OPT, you will have a smooth, flawless, painless skin and leave no pigments on the skin at the most reasonable cost.

Please contact us – Our consultants will provide you with information about how much does the permanent hair removal cost? And how is the process of permanent  performed? Be specific and dedicated.

body massage

Discovering the secret of full body massage therapy at V Spa

The modern medicine proves full body massage is a therapy which helps improve your health and prolong your lifespan, you’ll understand the true value that this therapeutic massage method brings to us.

Full body massage therapy is the key reducing stress and making a body relax after a long hard work day. This is ultimately effective applied widely around the world. However, many people still have doubts about its effect and they haven’t experienced this magical massage therapy.

So, before revealing the secret of full body spa of V Spa, we’d like to share – the wonderful use of full body massage – Let’s us together find full body massage.

The effect of full body massage to human

body massage

Massage – The origin word comes from Greek which helps blood circulate and recovery an implicit energy within you. To maintain regularly this full body massage therapy, you will be sound in mind and body.

According to the top of beauty care experts all around the world, the structure of full body massage therapy will influence to dangerous spot in a human body, therefore, it brings to wonderful benefits:

– Circulating blood and hasten the process of eliminating toxic out of a body to make the respiratory system, digestion active better.

– Stimulates the production of growth and regeneration of cells that help the skin becomes bright and rosy..

–  Dopamine helping your spirits feel comfortable.

– Curing sleeplessness and declining a stressful state effectively.

– Erasing pains because of a strained muscles, supporting tendons and bones run adaptably.

To use full body massage regularly and ensure right technique will help our body stronger as well as our mind is clear-sighted. This is “the valuable medicine” to make your life become happier and full of sap.

Discovering the secret of full body massage therapy at V Spa.

body spa

The secret of full body massage at V Spa is mainly bringing a good feeling to you which you will enjoy the natural atmosphere being warm, close by combining plants with relaxing music and sexy perfume of natural essential oil. Let’s experience the fairy place of V Spa, all our stress, busy things will disappear.

Especially, with smooth and gentle hands, all of the full body spa technicians of V Spa will do a variety of massage moves which go along your muscles, so this makes your blood circulate and relax easily. Mastering all of the massage techniques. V Spa has supported successfully a lot of customers who was cured illnesses such as arthritis, arthralgia,…

Come to V Spa to feel the different value from the perfect full body massage therapy. By using flexible the traditional key of therapy method and modern medical knowledge, we will bring the wonderful minutes to you live happier and more peaceful.


Foot Massage in 6 Effective Steps as in a Spa

You dream about having a beautiful and strong foot? But running or workout, all of them doesn’t bring a result as you wish? So you should spend time in relaxing leg massage Steps as in a Spa below – you’ll not only have beautiful and strong legs but also sleep very well.

Foot massage is a therapy which decreases to strain and stiff, helping legs more gorgeous and resistant. If you haven’t arranged your time to go to the Professional Massage Centers, you can apply a foot massage in 6 effective steps at home from The experts of V Spa – The prestigious Spa at District  1 will share now.

Foot Massage in 6 Steps as in a Spa

Simple but effective is a therapy of foot massage including 6 steps, are composed of the qualified massage technicians of V Spa. These will make your legs and foot softly and comfortably.

Step 1

Put some essential oil on your hands and rub warm it up before massaging. This makes essential oil easy to endosmose your skin.

Step 2

The moves of foot massage begin from two soles. You use one hand to keep your heel of the foot and the rest hand keeps the head of toes and turn a foot in clockwise and rotate it. Using this move about 5 times will make joints and feet more relaxing, and decline insensible.

Step 3

You continue to use one hand to keep your feet. Next, let your thumb presses along your sole. Attention to press the end of a big toe. Repeating it many times will decrease your foot stress and pain.

Step 4

Massage your instep by using two thumbs press it so hard, turn around your ankle in clockwise and turn it back. After that, you stroke an enough force from the ankle to feet. This will help your foot comfortably and flexibly.

Step 5

Massage two sides of your thigh and shank. Unlike parts of the foot, these moves are to slide down with a sufficient force which makes your legs warmly to circulate your blood. Thanks to this, your legs are not only strong back but also are solidify and ruddy.

Step 6

This is the last leg massage move applied to your knee part. You use two thumbs press hard, turn around the knee in clockwise and turn it back. Repeating this move 5 times each leg will help your joints more flexibly and enduringly.

Do this leg massage in 6 simple steps with patience every night as V Spa just shared. You’ll not only have strong legs but also slender and charming. To get the best result, you should to go to V Spa and experience a massage therapy combined with wonderful point acupuncture with us!


foot massage

Recovery Your Energy by a Foot Massage Therapy

Your foot and feet play a role balancing your body weight and connect closely to other internal organs, so taking care your foot is very important. If you want your tired legs and feet turn into lightly as walking without weary you should choose the foot massage therapy. This is the best solution to release your whole body and recovery your power energy effectively.

Do you know that our foot where is the place of 7,000 nerves and many importantly dangerous spots? That’s the reason why the foot massage therapy was created to use in doing point acupuncture and stimulating nerves on your foot to release stress and increase a circulating blood recovery your energy rapidly for the body. So, What are benefits of foot massage? And what are spas having the best leg massage therapy at tpHcm?

The rule of foot massage technique.

best foot massage

Foot massage are not only a wonderfully relaxing therapy also an effective preventing and curing diseases. The rule of this method is to look a foot as a map which shows your health and every point of your foot will correspond with your body part.

According to this health map, a massage technician will do moves of point acupuncture, massage combined with an acupuncture treatment that effects on the system of nerve, ligament, and dangerous spot. This will stimulate an ability to cure diseases and hurtings of a body itself. If you use this foot massage therapy regularly, your body will become lightly and powerfully.

The Benefit Of Foot Massage

foot reflexolofy

After woking hard for a long day, we just want have 10 minutes and foot massage to take the benefits:

  • Getting rid of exhaustion, recovering your energy.
  • Releasing stress, falling in good sleeping.
  • Preventing and curing insomnia, headache, arteriosclerosis, arthralgia,…
  • Circulating blood and bringing fresh blood into skin.

Moving continuously, carrying heavy things or wearing high heels,… in a long time which make our feet dropsy. Come to the best foot massage spas to release your body and recovery your energy, my friends!

The Best Foot Massage spa in ho chi minh?

Having many qualified massage technicians; friendly customer service and the wonderful relaxing atmosphere close to the natural environment and high-quality products imported from Japan and Korea. V Spa makes sure to bring the best foot massage therapy to you and always be your side on the way of caring your legs and feet.

Come to V Spa to enjoy the therapy combined with the foot massage and point injection. You’ll take your energy back and reset your mind to prepare in reaching all of your goals.

beauty spa

Beauty Spa And Best Reputation In Saigon

Within the circle of developing modern society, all of us, no matter what age, should spend time for ourselves such as take care our body to have work-life balance through a variety beauty care services… but, there are too much Spa to choose today, meaning that this makes you have no idea about should trust what a beauty spa.

In the past, Spa was the place which customers could relax completely to erase stress and polish their appearances, but, today, Beauty spa are also considered as a solution that makes people’s health stronger and their minds at ease. This opinion about the value of Spa services is different compared in the old days, so the standards which evaluate a prestigious Spa are not similar, too.

What are the standards to make a beauty spa be prestigious and quality?

best spa in saigon

To think about Spa, we’ll image it like a wilderness picture with the green space, relax music, essential plants oil and added many smooth and gentle hands massaging you. All of these things will deliver you to the fairy places or heaven. However, these things are not enough to become the good beauty care Spa because a human need doesn’t stop here.

Today, the best spas in saigon must abide full of rules and standards of modern medicine. Following that, from procedures and therapy techniques to material perfumes for Spas’ services must be accepted safely by Department of Health Ho Chi Minh city.

With every beauty care Spa Service must do as a particular process and fit with customers’ condition health to have effective results.

full body massage services will circulate blood, erase stress, Therefore, it brings to customers a stronger body and cheery mind.

– Skincare services and recovering the shape which supports to improve your skin to be smoother, brighter and eliminate fat in legs, belly….

– Everlasting waxing hair services not only eliminate unexpected hair but also make your pores smaller.

Life is changing – a human need is not limited as in the past anymore, so Spa in Saigon are also changing to catch the trend.

V Spa – The number 1 Spa at Saigon

spa in saigon

Always attempt to change better, V Spa has delivered to customers a lot of good beauty care services combined with the best therapy. More importantly, the employees of V Spa will focus on these elements:

– Using 100% natural material and original products.

– Often training to specialize employees’ professional qualification.

– Investing build the luxurious space closing natural environment.

– The best customers service.

– Giving the good promotion and reasonable price for all of customers.

This true profession of V Spa has always been trusted by all kind of customers as the best Spa in Saigon. This mainly motivates V Spa to continue to attempt without tired to brings the best services for V Spa’s beloved customers.

There are many Spas but to find the best beauty care Spa is not easy. Therefore, we hope that you’ll find the suitable Spa!

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Come to spa ho chi minh – Awaken all senses

Remember to Spas, the majority of us will think about the concept of beauty care first. But, let’s try one time to step in any spa ho chi minh – You will enjoy a feeling of awakening all of your senses after hard working day.

Fast life with many goals, plans makes you exhausted. This is the time, you and I should go to a place which has the peaceful atmosphere like Spas at Ho Chi Minh.

 Come to Spas at Ho Chi Minh – Awaken all your senses

Spa ho chi minh

The conception called “ Come to Spa to care your beauty” is definitely right but not enough. Because, currently, the majority of spa ho chi minh is developing services which support recovering health such as steam, massage or acupressure,… these are not specialized in whitewashing, curing acne, waxing hair anymore.

 We can say that the need of people in the beauty care industry always change and the true value of Spas today must be the place where awaken full of vitality and all senses. Let’s get temporarily your over-loaded work behind, and spend time in the peaceful, gentle atmosphere of the best Spas at Ho Chi Minh, you’ll feel the powerful energy flows inside your body, helping rejuvenate your mind, skin.

 V  Spa – The best choice of people

Spa hcm


To be one of the best spa ho chi minh city being trusted by domestic and foreign customers. To be founded since 2010, V Spa always brings the best health care and beauty spa to customers. Come to V – Spa’s world, renowned as one of the best Spa of district 1 at Ho Chi Minh, almost customers are impressed by the elegant decor with incredibly friendly atmosphere and natural perfume that balance all senses between body. This makes you feel like “fly into the sky”.

Come to V Spa, One of the best Spa of district 1 at Ho Chi Minh, you’ll experience all the best services such as massage combined with acupressure therapy. These methods give relief of stress, muscle pain, thrombosis, and to get your energy back for your body. Besides that, V-Spa also has the secrets of skincare and waxing hair are ultimately awesome coordinated with modern machines. This will perfectly contribute to your good looking.

 With the professional beauty care technicians, V – Spa always tries the best to bring good relaxing memories and balance mind as well as recovery full of vitality. Choosing V Spa today to enjoy all of the true values in your life which hardly find any Spas at Ho Chi Minh city.

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body spa

6 vital benefits of full body massage at the spa

Full body massage is a relaxing therapy combined with a therapeutic that keep your body young and healthy. Let us discovery 6 vital benefits which full body massage can bring to! You’ll understand the reason why beauty care experts give a piece of advice that you should spend time to go Spas, which your body are taken care every day.

By coordinating hands and legs in a harmonious way will direct on your body parts such as muscle, joint, dangerous spot in the human body (according to Chinese acupuncture),… full body massage helps you have a strong and flexible body, a cheery mind as well.

💎 6 vital benefits of full body massage

In many people’s thoughts, they may think full body massage is “the hobby of rich people” but this is not right anymore. Currently, they have really found many benefits that they get from Spas, including 6 crucial benefits of full body massage.

🎀 A stronger body

Full body massage circulates your blood and eliminates toxin out of your cells. Thanks to this, the respiratory system and the circulation of the blood can work better, helping your body stronger and more flexible.

🎀 Recovering your skin

 According to beauty care experts, full body massage stimulates collagen cells to grow, incline a level of elastic and get rid of cell death. Using this service regularly will support the elastic reproduction of skin cells, we make sure that you’ll have a new young, smooth skin as you wish.

🎀  Stop feeling tired

 Being ranked in the list of the best pain relief treatments, besides Zen, Yoga, and acupuncture, full body massage gives relief of suffering, tired, muscle pain. Moreover, your tendon, joint, and ligament will be more flexible, resilient.

body massage

 🎀 Prevent illnesses

 Many studies prove that using the full body massage treatment regularly will release white blood cells in the body, increasing the defense against some common metal sicknesses such as cold, infection.

 🎀 Bring the good sleeping

 Losing sleep makes your spirits, health low down – This is a suitable time which we should go to spas to be given a full body massage. This will deliver a relaxed and gentle feeling to let you have a deep sleep.

 🎀 Comfy mind

 Full body massage relaxes stress effectively because, in the process of massaging a full body, for help strengthen the body’s immune system.

 Come to V Spa to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere with mindfulness relaxing music and experience the therapy of full body massage which is performed by professional beauty care technicians of V Spa. We make sure you will feel a powerful energy spreading inside your body by 6 critical benefits of this service.


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