Laser hair removal helps to clean each of the hairs, leaving us with smooth and flawless skin. Experience this new technology to confidently show off your feminine beauty in sexy outfits and seductive sisters!

The body with thick feathers is obsessed with making many women feel awkward and self-conscious about their bodies, thus removing hair on the face, legs, hands, armpits or bikini. The urgent needs of women. And laser hair removal is the number one choice of millions of beautiful beauticians all over the world, and how about you – have experienced this advanced technology yet?

Did you properly wax hair ?

Do you know, the time we spend to get rid of the hairs across the skin roughly rough skin roughly equivalent to nearly 60 days throughout life? However, the methods of hand that we are applying cannot clean up each hair, but also create conditions for hair, hands, feet, underarms, … grow stronger.

Imagine, the coat on the body is like grass! Once we extract the grass without rooting, only 2-3 days later, the grass grows back into a dense carpet.

That’s why, after using a hair loss shampoo, using plucking pliers, using razors, even applying advanced techniques rather than waxing … we still cannot say “goodbye” It is with stubborn hairs, and it seems that when stimulated they grow up with increased speed and stiffness. So, if you are using one of these popular hair removal methods, immediately stop, go to a spa or professional salon for laser hair removal as soon as possible.

Laser hair removal – Clean each hair.

The uniqueness of the laser hair removal technology comes from the power of intelligent laser beam and flexible transformation. When the laser comes into contact with the hairs, light energy converts into heat that gently destroys each pubic hair without affecting the outer layer of the skin like the surrounding tissue.

Especially the laser has a great effect on skin rejuvenation, so after the hair removal, our skin will become smooth and youthful without defect. You can use laser hair removal on all seasons of the year on different parts of the body such as the face, lip, armpit, back, abdomen, bikini, hands, legs, … without worries dry skin. Or allergic to other popular hair removal methods.

V Spa <— The best spa in ho chi minh.

Using waxing, waxing, shaving or plucking hair, etc., but laser hair removal is the smartest choice today. It takes only 10 minutes, technicians at V Spa will clean each hair, help you get the bright white skin to attract all eyes.

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