Hot stone massage is not just a relaxing therapy but is also known as a really effective cure. When you feel tired, the muscles become tight, hot stone massage will help release the whole body to bring the state of mental health and abundant health.

One can not forget the name “hot stone massage” – the secret of natural healing that works to reduce muscle pain and mental tension. glasses.

Mechanism of hot stone massage.

The stones used in hot stone massage therapy are taken from river or basalt stones, because these rocks have the very smooth stone surface, while the treatment will not hurt the skin and are easy to spread. Heat on the body. Furthermore, the basalt has a high iron content, so it can retain heat for a long time during the massage without replacing it many times.

Before entering the course, the technician will heat the stone with the disinfectant to clean each stone, avoiding the risk of allergy or dermatitis to the customer. These stones, when reaching the required temperature, are placed on the back, palm, or toe.

To increase the therapeutic and relaxing effect, Spa technicians often combine with professional massage movements. Only after a short period of time will you feel your body as lightweight as the burden on the limbs and body.

The wonderful healing effect of hot stone massage.

Natural warmth along with the massage tips have deeply impacted deep inside the body, release each bundle of muscle tension, help us get a better body. At the same time, the heat of the stone also causes the blood vessels to expand, helping to circulate blood circulation better. As a result, the muscles are provided with enough oxygen, which reduces the pain in the shoulder, back, thighs, and limbs.

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Hot stone massage not only improves the health but also has the effect of mental restoration, elimination of stress and negative psychological status, contributing to the treatment of dysfunction and depression is very effective. After experiencing hot stone massage therapy, we will regain the serenity of the mind and the energy of living in the body.

Although hot stone massage offers us many valuable benefits, some special cases such as pregnant women, people with heart disease … if you want to apply this service need weight Carefully reminded. Therefore, when there is a need for hot stone massage, you should directly to the Spa to be a therapist counseling is appropriate and safe!

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