The essential oil in ginger is effective in healing and relaxing the body. Especially, massage with fresh ginger extract will help you to prolong your youth with smooth, bright skin in spite of time.

Many scientific studies have shown that the spicy nature of fresh ginger has a better antioxidant capacity than the drug. So, using products or massaging with fresh ginger extract will help us effectively prevent the aging process, prolong the lifespan and preserve our beauty in years.

Use of fresh ginger essence.

Ginger contains 200 minerals such as K, Ca, P, Fe, Mg, Mn, Zn, Co, Ge, Se, … and B, C and E vitamins. Taste, support the digestive system, cure colds, nausea, cough, … The following content immediately follows you will surely be surprised about the use of fresh ginger essence for the health of life human:

Prevent cardiovascular problems.

Ginger is capable of lowering cholesterol levels and preventing blood clots, helping to prevent the risk of blood vessel blockages and prevent heart attacks.

Support for the treatment of arthritis.

Oriental Medicine has documented that some of the chemical elements in ginger can inhibit the production of prostaglandin – an inflammatory substance that helps treat arthritis, osteoarthritis and other muscular disorders. You only need to drink ginger tea or soak your hands, feet in diluted ginger water each night will support the successful treatment of common arthritis.

Reduce a headache and muscle aches.

Zingiber is found in ginger as a natural pain reliever, capable of cutting headaches, muscle aches, rheumatism, …. fast. If you have frequent headaches, neck or shoulder strain, massage with fresh ginger extract will have immediate effects.

Cancer prevention.

Some clinical trials have shown that ginger extract inhibits the growth of cancer cells without affecting healthy cells around them. So, let’s actively use products containing ginger essence to fight cancer of evil!

Secret massage tips with fresh ginger extract.

Using natural essential oils helps to maximize the effectiveness of massage therapies for health and beauty spa treatments. For fresh ginger, you can apply the simple massage that V Spa experts guide below:

Use ginger oil or freshly sliced fresh ginger all over the body, then use gentle hand massage to nourish the ginger from deep penetrating deep into each skin to provide a pleasant feeling and dissipate the pain of muscle aches. Clearly. Not only that, massage with fresh ginger extract also exfoliates dead skin, making our skin bright and soft than some regular cosmetics.

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