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OPT Laser Technology   – The perfect combination of strength of IPL + RF + E-LIGHT for permanent hair removal is 10 times more effective than other treatments. Come to V Spa today to experience the breakthrough of this modern aesthetic method!

Gone are the days of standing buried feet hours to spit out every hair with tiny tweezers hoping to be confident in dressing armpits attractive, or moments of suffering pain by waxing leg hair can only be walked by longing for one step on the smooth legs. This little happiness can now become reality after about 10 – 30 minutes of OPT laser technology – the permanent method of hair removal transcendental V Spa.

Permanent OPT Laser Hair Removal  – 10 times effective

OPT laser technology is not the only method that effectively removes hairs in many areas of the body spa, but with the perfect combination of IPL + RF + E-LIGHT – Laser OPT Give customers outstanding differences such as:

  • 10 times more effective than other methods
  • Short treatment time is only 10 – 30 minutes
  • Non-invasive damaging skin cells and leaving no pigment on the skin
  • No pain, no anesthesia, because the hair removal treatment uses only a small amount of thermal energy suitable for the skin surface.
  • Do not cause adverse physical or chemical adverse effects after treatment.

In particular, the OPT Laser technology utilizes flexible optical impulse perfect lighting that can solve many different skin problems. So, what are the benefits of this method of permanent hair removal?

Benefits of using the OPT Laser Hair Removal Technology.

Far away from the framework of a permanent hair removal method, OPT Laser technology has helped women quickly to have a smooth, youthful and rosy skin thanks to the integration of many great beauty features:

  • Removes freckles, sunburn, and bruises.
  • Minimize large pores, soften rough skin, lumpy skin, stimulate skin elasticity to help skin rejuvenation significantly.
  • Remove wrinkles, facelift and facial lift, support facial contours.
  • Effective acne treatment and acne dermatitis.
  • Complete cure of capillary vasodilatation – the cause of arterial blood vessels causing facial aesthetic disfigurement.

Just like “one shot on many targets,” using OPTlaser technology helps clean unwanted hairs and revitalize skin that is damaged and softened. Are you hesitant anymore without catching up this “key to beauty” multimeter?

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To be the Beauty Care Center owns modern OPT laser hair removal technology with a team of experienced technicians, skilled – V Spa is the ideal destination for women to cherish and pamper yourself. We are committed to working with you to look beautiful and dashing.

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