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Your foot and feet play a role balancing your body weight and connect closely to other internal organs, so taking care your foot is very important. If you want your tired legs and feet turn into lightly as walking without weary you should choose the foot massage therapy. This is the best solution to release your whole body and recovery your power energy effectively.

Do you know that our foot where is the place of 7,000 nerves and many importantly dangerous spots? That’s the reason why the foot massage therapy was created to use in doing point acupuncture and stimulating nerves on your foot to release stress and increase a circulating blood recovery your energy rapidly for the body. So, What are benefits of foot massage? And what are spas having the best leg massage therapy at tpHcm?

The rule of foot massage technique.

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Foot massage are not only a wonderfully relaxing therapy also an effective preventing and curing diseases. The rule of this method is to look a foot as a map which shows your health and every point of your foot will correspond with your body part.

According to this health map, a massage technician will do moves of point acupuncture, massage combined with an acupuncture treatment that effects on the system of nerve, ligament, and dangerous spot. This will stimulate an ability to cure diseases and hurtings of a body itself. If you use this foot massage therapy regularly, your body will become lightly and powerfully.

The Benefit Of Foot Massage

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After woking hard for a long day, we just want have 10 minutes and foot massage to take the benefits:

  • Getting rid of exhaustion, recovering your energy.
  • Releasing stress, falling in good sleeping.
  • Preventing and curing insomnia, headache, arteriosclerosis, arthralgia,…
  • Circulating blood and bringing fresh blood into skin.

Moving continuously, carrying heavy things or wearing high heels,… in a long time which make our feet dropsy. Come to the best foot massage spas to release your body and recovery your energy, my friends!

The Best Foot Massage spa in ho chi minh?

Having many qualified massage technicians; friendly customer service and the wonderful relaxing atmosphere close to the natural environment and high-quality products imported from Japan and Korea. V Spa makes sure to bring the best foot massage therapy to you and always be your side on the way of caring your legs and feet.

Come to V Spa to enjoy the therapy combined with the foot massage and point injection. You’ll take your energy back and reset your mind to prepare in reaching all of your goals.

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