You are worried because of the skin on a body degradation, but busy work that makes you not have time to Spa to care for the skin? Stop worrying because there are two types of natural body mask to help rough skin be into smooth skin that we introduce to you soon.

If at this time, you cannot afford to go to the professional Spa to take care of your skin, take a little preparation time and mask the body from the natural ingredients available in the simple formula that V Spa will share it! Although, the effect will not be as great as when it comes to the Beauty Center, but it will also help keep the skin fresh and smooth than that!

Body mask from strawberry, honey, and rice bran.

Strawberries and rice bran are two natural ingredients that are so familiar to most of our girls and sisters. Then add honey, fresh milk, and tangerine, how will we create a body mask?

Prepare materials

– 15 fresh strawberries

– 1 tangerine

– 100 ml of fresh milk

– 3 teaspoons of honey

– 1/2 cup rice bran

Doing steps.

Gradually remove the seeds out of the tangerine, leave the peel with strawberries in the blender. Then, put the rice bran, fresh milk, and honey in a large bowl, then pour the mixture of strawberry and tangerine clearly.

When you have prepared the mask mixture, let bathe in warm water, dry your body with a soft cotton towel, and start applying the mask. First, brush the mixture over the entire body, then relax for about 30 minutes to extract the essence from the mask into the skin cells.

Finally, you bathe or just wipe your body with warm water. Just apply a facial mask from strawberry, tangerine, honey, fresh milk and rice bran twice a week, the rough horn on the skin surface to be cleanly removed, Smooth clearly.

Body mask from tea.

We all know that green tea has the effect of proliferating collagen and preventing aging very effectively. Here, we will introduce some special body masks created by a variety of different tea, let’s explore together!

First mask.

You just mix about 6 teaspoons of tea tree oil, 2 teaspoons of glycerin and 2 teaspoons of tea and water, then gently rub your hands and feet about 2 times a week to help soften the skin.

Second mask.

Mix the juice of a tomato with 2 teaspoons of glycerin and a little salt. Then apply this mask to your hands and massage and keep within 15 minutes to clean your hands, will help soothe the sunburn caused by the sun.

Third mask.

If your skin is sunburned, you need to immediately grind a cucumber and squeeze the juice and add 1/2 teaspoon of glycerin tea and 1/2 teaspoon of rose water tea then stir it. Apply this mixture to the areas of sunburn on the body to avoid the damage caused by ultraviolet rays.

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Hopefully, some formulas mask body from the nature that V Spa shared will help you care and protect the skin from the adverse impact from the environment. Please follow our next articles to have more useful beauty knowledge!

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