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Shiatsu is the essence of ancient Japanese acupuncture and Western massage techniques that help to balance the body and mind of the people. This approach aims to treat the entire body instead of a specific disease or location, so Shiatsu massage is called a comprehensive healing solution.

Since ancient times, when the body aches due to weather or labor, humans often put their hands on their shoulders, back, or temples to massage as a natural reflex that helps relieve pain, stiffness Muscle on the body. And from that initial value, we are now aware of the shiatsu massage – the acupuncture therapy of the people of the sunrise.

Origin of Shiatsu massage therapy.

Japan is the cradle of many therapeutic acupressure schools called Anma. And the commonality of these schools is that they are based on the techniques and principles of Chinese traditional medicine.

Tokujiro Namikoshi, the master of the core area of Japan, studied and combined these methods with the Western medical knowledge to create a unique Japanese therapy set. A name is Shiatsu. By using the hands, palm, and thumb to perform rubbing, massage and acupressure movements, Shiatsu massage can treat many diseases and help the body to relax. Whole.

The miraculous healing effect of the Shiatsu massage method.

Through the force of the thumb and palms to stimulate acupuncture points, Shiatsu technique helps to circulate blood, stimulate metabolism, and revitalize the body’s internal energy. This method is especially suitable for office workers who are at high risk for diseases such as muscle aches, joint deformities, and spinal spines.

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Shiatsu massage helps improve blood circulation in the capillaries under the skin and soft tissues, helping to prevent signs of premature aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. In particular, Shiatsu massage can reduce a migraine and asthenia due to its ability to regulate blood flow in the body.

Shiatsu therapy stimulates the digestive system to function better, enhances nutrient uptake and eliminates waste. As a result, the health, as well as metabolism of the body, is guaranteed to be stable.

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