Serum contains nourishing essence more 10 times cream products, so skin care with high-quality serum will bring a better result, faster and longer lasting effects. Refer to the skincare tips that we share below to help you see the smooth, bright complexion in the shortest time!

Cosmetic experts say that serum is an intensive skin care product made up of microscopic particles that easily penetrate the epidermis, the dermis, helping skin to be restored to the skin from deep inside. So, if you want to have long-lasting beautiful skin, skin care with high-quality serum is the best choice for all ages.

Essential use of high-quality serum.

Serum skin is a beauty spa product, can overcome many problems of the skin such as wrinkles, crow’s feet, acne, dark skin, freckles, freckles, wrinkles, nourishment and to protect the skin in a comprehensive way. However, each type of high-quality serum is only for a certain skin type and cannot at the same time deal with all the damage of the skin, so we usually need to combine several serums with different uses. Each other to give the skin the best care.

The use of moisturizing, anti-aging skin by stimulating collagen regeneration of serum has been clinically certified. Therefore, serum products have become an indispensable part of skin care treatments at Beautycare Spas.

In addition to intensive treatment of skin problems, skin care with high-grade serum also helps protect the skin from the negative effects of the environment such as bacteria, smoke or ultraviolet rays, keep the skin always Healthy and radiant young. Because the nutrients in the serum are extracted granular, they can penetrate deeply into the layers of the skin, helping to nourish each skin cell over long periods of time.

Essence will be absorbed through the skin faster when the skin is clean, warm and moist. The way to use serum is to wash your face thoroughly, use a warm towel to warm water, apply pressure on the face to open pores while giving the skin a mild moisture.

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Skin care tips with high-quality serum.

High-quality serum skin care products must properly promote the full use of skin care products of this product. Here are some tips to use the essential serum that you should be aware of for maximum permeability to protect and beautifully perfect the skin:

Tip 1: Serum 5 points of the face (between the forehead, top of the nose, cheek, and chin), then use the fingertips of both hands to pat smoothly throughout the face for 30 seconds.

Tip 2: After the essence of the serum has permeated, the skin becomes dry, we should apply the cream and make up the usual makeup.

Tip 3: If you use more serum at the same time, you should apply anti-aging serum first, then apply a thin layer of serum lightening or whitening to remove dark spots and freckles.

Tip 4: Take turns from the lightest thin serum products with thicker and thicker textures. You can distinguish it by putting some serum on the back of your hand, then lean slightly to see which is looser and easier to slip on the skin.

Should spend time skincare with high-quality serum in the evening will help our skin is protected 24 hours. And remember the tips we share when using the serum product line to achieve the highest efficiency and safety.

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