spa therapies

A spa is not only a place for health care and beauty but also known as a specialized resort for everyone. Believe it, with the wonderful spa therapies below, will help us find the balance of life in the present.

Quiet space and sound at the therapeutic Spa quickly dissipate the fatigue and relieve the sorrows of everyday life, help improve the quality of life for us. So what is the current full range of spa therapies?

The method of spa treatment saunas.

Dry saffron is a popular therapy in the West by using stones or gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, quartz, etc. to heat up the room to about 600C for sweat draining. Out naturally Through this mechanism, toxins and sebum secretions are eliminated through the sweat glands to promote circulation, mental relaxation, pain relief and skin whitening.

Sauna therapy also supports the body to conserve energy and break down excess fat, restore balance and health to customers. If you are looking for a solution that both improves your appearance and promotes wellness, then saunas are a perfect choice!

The method of spa treatment is steam bath.

Using the secret of saunas, steamed salts at the Spa also use natural herbs such as fresh ginger, fresh lemongrass leaves, mint leaves, incense leaves, wormwood leaves, grapefruit leaves … help reduce Joint pain and muscle relaxation. In the sauna is set the appropriate temperature with herbal flowers diffused by steam will stimulate blood circulation and strengthen the immune system of the body.

In particular, steaming is also a treatment for sinusitis, asthma, and bronchitis. With this gentle and refreshing spa treatment, you will easily notice the skin becomes rosy and smooth.

Spa treatment method of Jacuzzi tub.

The gas bath is a harmonious combination of therapeutic massage techniques and millions of small air bubbles that are sprayed from the bottom of the basin carrying natural fragrances such as rose, jasmine, lavender … Easy and tough body. The gentle mechanical impact on the skin is the crux of the spa treatment of the air spa to relieve stress and relax the body massage quickly.

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