By 5000 years ago, Indian people discovered the wonderful energy hidden in inanimate stones that could awaken all senses in the human body, so today we are receiving the therapeutic of taking care foot with a hot stone to cherish each pink heel in each long way ahead.

The little feet every day to support our body stretching everywhere, regardless of whether it is raining or the sunshine, far or near distance, … how to avoid the pain when the feet, calves, and heels become scarred right? It is time to take care of your feet with a hot stone to get the tough and gentle steps whether on high heels or athletic shoes.

Foot treatment with standard hot stone at a Spa

The hot stone mechanism acts on the legs in the form of waves created by extremely small vibrations due to differences or temperature changes. The combination of hot stone energy with massage techniques will help promote energy in the body through gentle procedures as follows:

Step 1: Soak your feet with fresh ginger and salt water to rejuvenate skin cells, combat aging, increase elasticity, and even eliminate unpleasant odors due to frequent showing.

Step 2: Massage shoulders and arms to help circulate blood circulation, dispel the feeling of aches and pains bring comfort and ease to the whole body.

Step 3: Combination Massage Press the spots in the foot

Step 4: Squeeze the hot stones between the toes or put on the instep, to stimulate the nervous system to boost metabolism, help the muscles relax and overcome the effects of numbness.

The stones used in therapeutic massage therapies of different sizes will take on specific roles in transmitting and directing heat to certain areas of the body. So taking care of your feet with hot stones is not easy, but you have to rely on your body’s acupuncture schema as well as your knowledge of the new rocks to get the best results.

The effect of hot stone therapy massage method

The massage of hot stone therapy not only help to strengthen the legs but also bring a lot of benefits for our body:

– Enhances blood circulation and detoxifies the body

– Reduces fatigue stress for the muscular system and nerves,

– Support to cure a number of diseases such as spinal degeneration, neck pain, sciatica, headache, depression, …

– Wrinkle removal, fatty grease helps brighten skin and body fitter.

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It can be said, hot stone massage therapy is a powerful remedy to help restore energy, relieve fatigue and prolong life for each of us. Come to V Spa today, you will be taken care of your feet with hot stone by our professional technicians – you will feel the deep change in the soul along the footsteps as calm and light as clouds.

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