Do you know that foot reflexology supports thousands of nerve endings and blood vessels smoothly? Thanks to this miracle have helped our musculoskeletal and joint system to be more resilient and healthier.

According to medical records, there are more than 7,000 nerves in each foot and blood vessels flow to every cell in the human body. Therefore, massage the acupuncture points for feet is a necessary solution to circulate blood circulation and strengthen the resistance, help us to prevent disease effectively.

The miracle comes from the foot reflexology massage.

Many customers come to Spas for massaging acupressure point is simply to find the feeling relaxed and pleasant, but almost do not know the great benefits that this method brings you. If you understand the effects of this therapy, think “you will want to massage your foot reflex every day”!

Disease prevention

These gentle massage exercises combine to relieve nervous depression, stimulate the endocrine system and lymphatic secretions. Endorphin compounds have an analgesic effect, boost the immune system and produce internal substances. Birth prevention against disease.

Improves skin and body.

Under the impact of massage power, the process of energy metabolism goes smoothly, limited accumulation of fat to help balance physique. Moreover, the foot reflexology also supports the circulation of blood circulation better, so the skin also becomes bright and rosy radiant.

Balance psychological state.

Lose life, make us angry, bored and extremely stressful. Foot reflexology massage helps each person relieve these negative emotions, regain the state of equilibrium quickly.

Increased flexibility for tendon, joint, and bone.

Reflexology Acupressure enhances nutrition, improves the ability to release sebum, making the tendon, joint and bone more flexible, much more flexible.

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What is the effect of acupressure massage is beyond your imagination? Therefore, each of us should love and pamper our legs more by doing regular acupressure massage for the feet.

We can do acupressure massage at home with simple movements. However, you should go to the Center of Spa and Professional using the massage acupuncture point foot massage to promote the effectiveness of this method!

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