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The shape is the first – skin is the second – This old saying to remind us of the importance of skin care as well as physique to get the most beauty. And ladies and gentlemen, we just have four skin care tips – age is only a small thing.

The environment of pollution, the work of many computer contacts and the habit of staying up late, … the skin of the weak early appearance of signs of aging such as wrinkles, crow’s feet, freckles. To improve the situation, in addition to skin care with high-grade cosmetics, sisters can apply 4 tips scientifically skin care below!

🌹 Get enough sleep.

Deep sleep, enough sleep – are skin care therapies for a long-lasting and healthy skin. However, busy lives along with the hobby of using technology such as computers and cell phones make us unable to sleep 7 to 8 hours a day, even many sisters have Insomnia or sleepiness. Long-term insomnia or sleeplessness not only severely affect health but also accelerate skin aging. Therefore, you should practice the habit of sleeping properly, get enough sleep by not eating too much, foot massage and bath with warm water.

🌹 Wash your face properly

Many people mistakenly think that washing your face several times a day will help keep the skin clean and smooth. This is a mistake that needs to be corrected immediately because if you wash your face more than 2 times a day will make the skin fragile and vulnerable to a lot more, especially the face.

So skin care experts advise us to take care of the skin with a scientific cleansing method as follows: After washing your face clean with a facial cleanser, pat your face a few times to flush the face. The real chemistry is completely freed from the pores and skin surface. In particular, you should note: Do not wash face too many times a day and have to choose cleanser products suitable for your skin type!

🌹 Avoid direct contact with sunlight.

Ultraviolet rays in the sun are the number one enemy of the skin. So, to avoid the damage caused by UV rays, before you leave home, you must necessarily use sunscreen and a hat, mask to protect the skin safely under the direct impact of sunshine.

🌹 Limit makeup.

Makeup makes you more confident by covering up many facial defects. However, the thick layers of chalk and tight seams clog the pores – the cause of skin rash and allergies.

Because of that, our sisters should limit the makeup if not really necessary to the skin is airy and healthy. And best of all, you should choose cosmetics with extracts from nature will help to care for skin safely and effectively.

These skin care tips we share in this article, you should also spend some time at a professional skincare spa to apply skin restoration procedures from within. Thus, we will keep the skin young and smooth as long as desired.

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