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Do you know that the skin on the body should also be provided with frequent essential nutrients such as face and hair? That is the reason why beauty care experts recommend that we should cover the body mask to help the “skin” of the body bright ivory.

The body mask is gradually becoming a package of skin care and beauty spa services popular in the Spa as well as beauty salon. But what exactly is “masking the body”? What kind of body mask are there? Still, the concept is quite ambiguous for many customers.

What is a facial mask ?

Skin care specialists say that previously masking the body was intended only to lose weight by wrapping plastic or plastic wrap around the body to remove excess fat from the body. However, today, the body mask has been studied as a skin care intensive treatment from whitening to effective detoxification.

What are some of the today’s popular body masks ?

In most prestigious beauty centers today are applying three types of body masks: hydration, stimulation, and detoxification. The following V Spa’s skin therapists will analyze the mechanism and specific effects of each type of body mask, you guys watch to understand more about this method!

Body hydrating mask.

Hydrochloric treatment begins with a body scrub that removes dead skin cells, followed by a body lotion and body wrap in a warm towel. Maintain this status for an appropriate period of time so that the essence of the cream penetrates deeply into the interior.

After that, the customer will be removed the mask gently, dry clean and apply moisturizer. Applying this facial mask will help us to have fresh, vibrant skin, whether it be dry winter or hot summer.

Body stimulating mask.

By using marine salts such as algae or seaweed, stimulating body masks have the ability to promote circulation and increase metabolism, helping to reduce the apparent condition of the skin. When using this mask, customers will be algae or seaweed embryos all over the body, then wrapped with thin metal sheets or plastic.

At times, technicians at the beauty facility will wrap up an outer towel to increase circulation and help the skin absorb nutrients better. When mineral substances are absorbed into the skin, customers will remove the mask and bath with clean, then relax gently while Spa staff applies moisturizer.

Body detoxification mask.

The main purpose of detox masking is to promote circulation to remove all dirt and toxins in the body with mud, clay or herb coverings. Apply mask body detoxification quickly cleanse the body from the inside out, helping skin smooth and clean as well.

Using this mask, customers will be covered with a body of mud, clay or herbal wrap. When the surface is dried, customers will be bathed and soothing massage with moisturizer.

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It can be said, masking the body is a comprehensive restoration and skin care necessary for all of us. So, take the time to the prestigious Beauty Spa to be the consultant type of mask best suited to arouse vitality from deep within the skin of the body!


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